I am not a lamp, I am not an animal and I am not a thing. I am simply a human being. We may be different from one another in terms of race, religion and even beliefs. But deep down we are all similar, we feel pain, joy, sadness and anger. Having emotions are normal and that is what makes us a living being. But being able to communicate out the feeling makes us special, that makes us human.

When we meet with challenges in life, be thankful that it is an opportunity for us to grow stronger and tougher. We need to learn to let go of certain things and move on in life. But that is how we can judge ourself. What happened when it is our loved ones, our friends, colleagues, family members face challenges? 

Do we go all glorified with positivity and tell them: "Just move on, no point crying, what is there to be sad/angry about?" 

Before we talk to them in that manner, ask ourselves: Am I qualified to do so? Can I ever feel what the other person is feeling? Can I ever be in another person's shoes? Most likely than not, you are not, you would not and you can't. What make people different is also the mind that we have up there. Unless you are an A1 robot, from whatever star trek galaxy (Ohhhh, generation old reference). Nobody can be the same. The things you went through last time may happen again and look similar on the surface but due to time change and advancement, it WILL be different. 

By telling others to simple move on and "look on the brighter side", it can get irritating to a certain extent and trust me, you just made yourself be disliked by someone (take note, its dislike not hate). That also can be the cause that your friends decide to just brush you away by bottling their true feelings cause you are never keen to listen to them. Inevitably, you are causing them more pain by not letting it go with the hope that they look strong to you as if they have no feelings. 

Worse off if they cried to you and you are not able to handle it, your sympathy may not be needed any time at all.

So why do people feel down or happy or angry or tired? What do they look for? Sometimes all they need is really a listening ear and releasing of emotions. Crying, shouting, laughing, breathing strongly...Expressing such emotions doesn't mean that you are weak and having problems managing your emotion department, it means you trust your feelings and you can take charge of your emotions. Cry and let it go because you know after you have emptied that you will be ready to receive, goodness, positivity and friendships much better.

Associate with better people, smarter people, human beings who can show love and can teach you to shower blessings on more people around you. These traits are what you want to pick up and plant inside of you. Learn to be more sensitive towards people around you and you will see yourself emerging as a much more stronger person. Be strong, be happy!


At times, when I get tired of travelling. Rather than blaming it all on age factor I would choose to say that I'd prefer to just chill and relax on staycation. While it sounds like a great idea travelling and discovering new exotic places, precious times spent in a luxurious staycation place back at home is also a blessing for one.

For a group of my girl friends, we love to socially hang out and arrange for special staycation party once or twice a year. It would not take away our time from work and other obligations so there is no way someone cannot make it. The only time you would not appear at my staycation party is if you ARE NOT INVITED.

In Singapore, it is different unlike overseas where the apartments and AIRBNBs are so much cooler. Here, booking a hotel room is much more worth it and special. I love reaching out to boutique hotels where the design, class and style is fascinating most of the time.

Things that I look for when booking all these hotels in Singapore includes:
1 responsiveness to email enquiries
2 replies when I inform them purpose of stay, such as birthday event or Hen's night or just a rejuvenation stay.
3 price vs location. This can be quite a tricky and sensitive portion, to some of the hotels which states they are located centrally or town area sometimes I do not agree with their prices only for the right reason which I will state in the next point
4 Nearby amenities. As much as a staycation means to stay and relax in the hotel, it is definitely a plus point if within walking distance around the hotel there would be shops or eateries available. You never know cause sometimes it is not just about ordering the hotel room service...

I have listed my favourites below, so if you have been to any of them then thumbs up to you for your good taste! :D
1- Naumi Hotel
2- Scarlet Hotel Singapore
3- Wangz Hotel
4- Hotel 1929
5- The Club Hotel
6- Wanderlust Hotel
7- SouthBeach Hotel Singapore
8- Nostalgia Hotel
9- New Majestic Hotel
10- The SouthBridge Hotel

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Remember the times when Sweet 16 used to be the milestone of our lives then it turned to Legal 18, then Adult 21. The next thing you know, 30 years old came and passed. What we were so busy doing for the major part of our lives, we may never know. Running and chasing for all the things that we can never bring with us when we die but yet there is still that speck of motivation to do it. Why? well, as long as we are alive on this earth, it is our social duty to live our lives respectfully and with a fulfilling purpose.

Soon, I will be 3X years old, I look back at the 30 years old me and my friends. What went on and what changed in our lives? Some get married and settled down, some had babies and secured their career while some went for a deep turbulent change in their lives, work, etc. Everything will end one day that is what I believe in: expiry date. Yet during this period, change will happen and change is a constant.

Leaving an impact on lives around us need not be the case where we have to be highlighted in the news or become super popular as such. How we behave and treat the people around us is important enough for us to leave a legacy or a notoriety deed. I believe in always continuing to meet new people and making friends no matter what age. IF you have not reached the age 30, you may not understand what does it mean to be fatigue when all you did was use your brain at work. You would not get it when we said we need to nap so that we can function better or when we do not see the end goals of certain things then we may not be bothered to try it out (in other words, wet blanket).

But here are my suggestions to other 30 plus individuals, just remember that every moment that you passed it is a chance lost forever. You can never get it back.

1) Attending social events: As much as you want to just crash in bed after a long day at work, it is out of due courtesy to show-up in gatherings and events even for a short while. Of course out of respect to the hosts and also use this chance to meet new people and hone your communications skills.

2) Certain behaviour just irks you, the way they talk may get on your nerves and every small little things matter. The chance of going out to find a new BFF may be very low but try something new! Go and experience group meetings with people of the same hobby and passion as you. Are you into Yoga? Zumba? Pottery? Baking? Or are you into playing chess? So find a club that you can meet people who talks the same lingo as you

3) Now for the more brave and bold individuals, there are so many speed-dating and singles meeting event that you can just join in. Most are free or at most a nominal fee for the food and drinks for the night, I mean you still have to eat your dinner right. At most you get to meet 1 or 2 jerks but you are over 30 this kind of thing would not make you throw up your food at them (that is going to be such a waste).

4) As much as we strive to find a soulmate or BFFs for live, I do feel strongly in making a wide range of friends. Keeping in touch with trending stuff, technology and the hype is nothing than just being updated. It is a skill when it comes to connecting with people of varying ages. I don't think it is wise to just hang around people of the same age. I mean it is sweet and everything that we grow old together and all but when you get really old at that certain point it will be kind of sad to know that your friends are passing on one by one (oh the terror!). Therefore, don't you think attaining new young friends is as rare and precious like catching a rare Pokemon with high CP on Pokemon Go (just had to).

At the end of the day, we are simply at the age where no one can tell us to do things against our will. The Chinese phrase for it is 翅膀长硬 (Chi Bang Zhang Ying), your wings have fully developed and grown tough. We don't take no Bulls**t and ain't nobody got time for that, cos I've got 99 problems and Bi**h, you ain't one!

You do you; just be free and easy with life. Pressuring ourselves unnecessarily may not bring us somewhere good instead our mind is not at its best in being focus and directive at certain goals. This is because we are able to filter the sh*t around us and advance towards the light at the end of the tunnel. So Congratulations! Crossing 30 have evolved you with more power and a higher XP :D

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Recently I came to know of this Playbrush toy! It is a gadget that can turn any manual toothbrush into a game controller.
People around me are like having children or celebrating their kid's birthday; so the diversity of gifts that I have to look out for now have to include a category for children. I do keep buying basic stuff like clothes, diapers, hampers, milk powder, toy then comes the age between 3-6 years. What toys can make them be in touch with technology and yet gives them the fundamental need to inculcate good habits.

There were articles posted on newspapers about the rising trend of tooth decay in kids. Reports and statistics like 1 out of 2 school going kids have tooth decay by the time they start primary school. Does this mean that parents are feeding sugary stuff and candy to their kids? Well, we are not here to talk about that.
All I did is note that down and go on the search for the right gift to start young. That is when I laid my hands on the Playbrush thanks to SampleStore. To be honest, I do not have a kid around to test it out but if a kid can use it, why can't I? At least when I gift it away, I know of the benefits and value of this item.

I went on a homework study and read up the instruction and stuff but I realised that using the Playbrush is just so simple:

1- Firstly, it has to be charged and meanwhile, download the app "Utoothia" from App store or Play store.

2- Secondly, plug in your toothbrush into the device and turn it on simply by shaking it. Voila! the plain toothbrush is not turned into a capable gadget to fight monsters and win the battle. Okay, definitely this would have enticed a kid or two.

3- Playing the game was simple of course but importantly, it follows the direction of the toothbrush moving, it will lead the child to cover the whole surface area of teeth to ensure proper brushing.

After this whole experiment, I can now gift it to another kid to have fun with it. Brushing their teeth every morning and evening is going to be a wholesome and fun experience for them.

Next key thing, you can purchase your very own Playbrush either for your child or as a cool birthday or xmas gift! Click here to find out more!

Use the promo code: PBSG2016 for a $20 off if you buy now.


Another cool event happening is the contest held by SampleStore, which you can encourage your kids to take part and win!!! Click the link now!

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One ingredient, many ways to prepare them. I love them so much that it is hard to avoid them at all. For dear friends who goes for non-dairy or non-egg meal, I am speechless. There is another side of the world which you have not seen *cue music: I can show you the world #egg

Here is a list of various ways that I love my eggs, not hating on any of them as the main ingredient is still egg!

1. Singapore Style Soft Boiled Eggs. Honestly, this is one thing I missed when I travel sometimes.

2. Hardboiled egg, left longer in the hot water. Not a true fan of this but sometimes it goes well with some boiled potatoes for me.

3. Devilled eggs, something fancy for your pansy? I mean would you fancy some eggs with fla-vah!

4. Sunny-side up fried eggs. I love those runny yolks! Break it when eating with rice and uhmmmm I am salivating just thinking about it #backtobasic

5. Another partner of fancy eggs, will be the Scotch eggs. Nope, no alcohol inside but just pure minced meat packed around the soft boiled egg and deep fried. A perfect scotch egg will have the yolk semi-liquid and flowing when cut open...Yumm!

6. This is French style, spoonable scrambled egg, now this is questionable to me but I found this on Seriouseats.com It seem pretty easy but the recipe calls for 10mins worth of effort, making sure it curdles with the right consistency. Not for me but someone would love to cook it then why not?

7. Omelette, another simple break! Break the eggs together, whisk them, you can add in some tomatoes or cheese or sausages and then pan-fry them. Lovely~ Goes well plain or eaten with rice (oh my gawd, I am Asian so please).

8. Poached eggs, another association to those who loves classy dishes like eggs benedict and stuff. I won't reject this too. Look at that flowing yolk perfect to dip with some toasts!

9. Tea Eggs. A super hot favourite whenever I am in Taiwan. I do not need anything else except this, onigiri and a humongous bottle of Yakult from 7-Eleven!

10. Shakshouka eggs. Somewhat a middle eastern egg dish. Eggs are broken into a tomato based sauce and then double baked till the eggs form a white film on the top layer but still contain runny yolk. Served with those bread-type of pastry like naan, etc.

11. Now if the eggs are so good and fresh (better if organic), then do it like how the Japanese and Koreans do. Eat it raw. Koreans love it inside their bimbimbap or Yukhoe (pictured above: raw beef tartare) while the Japanese love to dip their steamboat meat into a bowl of beaten raw eggs...to me...All Yum!

12. Home made scrambled eggs. Super back to basic. For those lazy days...

I just felt like making such a random post to dedicate to my favourite food ever: eggs~

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If you are looking for a cheap alternative to travelling between Yangon and Bagan, you can try the overnight bus/coach service which takes approximately 9 hours of travelling. Out of the various options like flight, train, private car and coach, I decided to take and review the service of the top overnight coach service which is none other than JJ Express.

There are various coach services that you can choose from the bus terminal. The bus terminal was something which I have only seen before in Siem Reap years back, nothing like what Malaysia or Singapore is like currently.

Basically the service on the coach itself is premium standard like no other. If I were to make a comparison, it came close to an experience on-board a budget flight. I am talking about the coach crew, refreshments, on-board entertainment, etc.

The 9 hours journey that I travelled is somewhat nothing compared to a 27 hours bus trip which I took before in Europe. That was one eye-opening experience of my life. On JJ Express, there was one pitstop which was made for a toilet and dinner/supper break. The place was decent enough with lots of eateries and small snack shops which you can buy to snack along the way. But for me being an overnight trip, I decided to use the time to rest so that I will have sufficient energy to start the next day exploring. After the 30 minutes stop however, the bus crew( somehow she reminds me of a cabin crew) came pushing a trolley down the aisle inside the coach offering hot tea/coffee/juice. They also handed out a box of snack which consist of a cake and a bun.

After getting ourselves fed happily and warm with the hot coffee, it was time to snuggle with the cosy blanket and recline the chair back to fully rest. It was also time to switch off the cartoons and sleep. The aircon was optimum in the coach and we have control of our own vent in the above compartment. Everything was good! Soon, I was in lala land till I reach my destination.

To summarise the booking and ensure that you have made the booking correctly, here are the steps below:

1- Book your tickets for JJ Express here: (bus)
2- After making payment, the tickets would be sent to your email address
3- Print our your tickets and keep the physical copy when you go to the bus station to "check-in"
4- Check the date and timing of the coach. Always be there early, a good 30-45 mins in advance would be good for "just in case".

A word of advise: Never strive to have a "nearly missed my flight" situation, it will just dampen your whole trip at the end of the day. When I was looking for the various options to travel between Yangon and Bagan, there were so many options and factors to consider. Even when I had finally found the right bus company, I had to find the right contacts to ensure that I made my booking well and proper. I do not like to find myself stuck in a situation where the booking was not done properly or something like that. The purpose of this post here is to ensure that you have a safe trip and eliminate unnecessary time doing all the homework and you can spend more time finding out about fun stuff that you can explore and discover in this trip.

I have friends who usually asked me, since I stay for quite a while in one place and made friends there, won't I be sad when I have to go. My answer is simply: Life's like that, we came, we conquered and we moved on. Alright, not that dynamic I guess (insert emoji for roll eyes please). To be honest, I do not feel the sadness when I leave a place but reality will start to step in the moment my plane lands in Singapore and the pilot announce " to our dear Singaporeans, welcome home" *cue burst of tears!!!

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With the mid Autumn or Mooncake festival coming soon, you will start to see a lot of Mooncakes promotion and sales going on. As most of you may know, the mid-autumn festival is the time of celebration which falls on the 15 of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar. On this day, the moon is believed to be at its brightest and fullest. The minimal celebration that we have seen in our times would probably be families gathering to have tea and mooncakes while enjoying the moonlight while children and some adults would be lighting lanterns of many shapes and design.

Now for my muslim friends, when there are food going around don't you think it would be nice for us to be able to have a bite of it as well? Well, of course! That is why, I have searched for some halal options for us to enjoy! If you have any recommendations, please do share them with me as well. There are currently ongoing promotions with certain credit cards which I have also included inside the list below, do look out for the ending period if you are planning to get them!

1) Concorde Hotel Mooncakes. Not only for its name but the range of mooncakes that they have are not too little and not too many. I have seen those selling like a plethora of mooncakes that I get frustrated since I want to eat everything #greedyme. I have always been a fan of snowskin mooncake and I am so in love with Concorde hotel mini Japanese snow skin with mango praline and mini cheese and raisin snowskin. If you are planning to buy in advance to enjoy the promotional price, they also offer delivery at a nominal fee.

Early Bird Specials: Enjoy 20% discount for purchases between 3 - 21 August 2016 
Special Promotion for Pioneer Generation Card Holders: Pioneer Generation Card Holders can purchase a maximum of 2 boxes at a special price of $42.00 Nett per box*. Promotion not applicable for snow skin mooncakes
  • Available from 29th August to 9th September 2016 (Exclude Saturday, Sunday)
  • Free delivery will be provided for orders of 31 boxes and above to a single destination in Singapore (Exclude Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Sentosa and Jurong Island in Singapore)
  • $35 delivery charges apply for 30 boxes and below to a single destination in Singapore (Exclude Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday and Sentosa and Jurong Island in Singapore)

2) Prima Deli. Firstly let me say just how much I love their pies. A friend introduced them to me and once I have tried it, I never look back. Okay, so this post is supposedly about mooncakes; yeah their list menu has over 20 range of traditional skin and snowskin mooncakes. They have the option of mini or normal sizes for each variety as well. Talk about being spoilt for choices. I will lay down the brochure below for your viewing pleasure.

Early Bird special (5 aug -25 aug 2016): Enjoy up to 30% OFF and rebates with minimum purchase (refer to brochure below)

Special Promotion (26 aug -15sept 2016) Enjoy up to 20% OFF and rebates with minimum purchases (refer to brochure below)

3) The final vendor that makes this list will be Delcies Healthy desserts and cakes, it came up randomly when I was searching for other options instead. This is one brand which I would love to try. They exclaim their mooncakes to be organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and diabetic-friendly so maybe that is why they do not have snowskin option. BUT! just wait, apart from the traditional mooncakes they have the spiral flaky skin mooncakes aka Shanghai mooncakes. I am not so sure if this is not super popular in Singapore as not many of my friends have actually tried of this. The first time I tried it was when I ordered through a friend who bought in bulk from Malaysia. From then on, it was not easy to find another place selling it and having it to be Halal-certified.

Early Bird Discount Ends 14 Aug 2016 (Sunday – LAST EXTENSION): Enjoy up to 20% OFF

Share with me, do you have any particular mooncake flavours that you like? or which type of mooncakes do you prefer?

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When in Yangon, do spare half a day to do this! Getting on the train in Yangon for just less than a S$1 to explore the metropolitan as well as the suburban areas. The wonder of getting on just one transport and let it bring you to cross the time and moment as we get to learn to appreciate simple things in life.
From my AirBNB house, I took a cab to the Yangon train station which is about 10 minutes away. The weather was too hot that I could not just walk outside so I gave in to the comfort of a taxi. The train station looks majestic from across the road and I managed to snapped a few pictures while bearing the heat!

Getting the tickets is the next important thing, the Yangon Circle Train is only sole specially at Track 7. Remember this very well! the main ticket counters will not be able to sell the tickets to you and since english is not commonly used there, it is helpful if you just tell them that you are looking for Track 7.

After finding my way to the tracks, there is a separate ticket counter just solely for Track 7 where I bought my tickets for 400kyats (about sgd 50 cents), then we wait. While waiting, there will be vendors who are selling drinks, snacks or other handmade stuff walking around carrying their goods. Each time a train pass by and made a stop they will hurriedly go up to peddle their product and get off before the train leaves.

When the train arrived, I just got onto the last cabin. Unknowingly my ticket was supposed to be for another cabin, but I was not prepared for what I was going to face during the later part of the journey.
As the train starts to move out and further from the metropolis, the scenery starts to change from tall buildings to low-rise house, till the view only has the paddy fields, farms and kampung houses.
The Yangon Circle Line will pass by a total of 35 stations before it makes a full circle and reach the start at Yangon Train Station.

With such a low-priced ticket, I do not expect for the moon, so even if the train cabin was non-airconditioned and it was a hard bench to sit on, I had no complain. In such a hot weather, I reminded myself that I was there on a trip but the locals they have to bear through this 3-4 months every year. Sitting in the train while it choo-choo down the tracks seem therapeutic suddenly, it definitely beat the chances that I will have to walk under the hot sun that day.

The surprise came for me halfway on the journey, we passed by a few market towns, then that caught me by total surprise. From a cabin that was peaceful and quiet suddenly became a roaring cabin, people were busy dragging and tossing big bags of produce up. Some dragging them up through the door while some chucked them through the window. In conclusion, it was a collective effort as some came on board to catch the bags while others pass from below. Estimatedly, the train stopped for about 2-3 minutes each time so the next few station it was an eye-opening reality as I see how the young and old, men and ladies get busy with transporting their items.

As the train leaves the station, I can see some of them opening up the bags and that is where they start to bundle the fresh vegetables together to pass the time or to me they are not wasting any time in fact. Being in Yangon for the first time, I was impressed by the fresh produce that they sell at the market, seeing how they picked and packed the vegetables make me realised how much effort was placed into selection. I saw one boy bundling up some okras, he measured each stick to match equally as best as he can and then tossing the unwanted ones into another bag. Since I can't understand burmese, I saw a girl looking at a plastic sack full of some green veges which I can't name it and I imagine her commenting "oh my gawd, look at the fresh vegetables that I got a good price today". It is not that I want to joke about the lifestyle but I believe that be it in Singapore or Myanmar, we are all the same. We shop, we bargain, we buy and we eat! But the difference would have to be the convenience that we have in Singapore. Transporting items from the market, be it the wholesaler or my grocery shopping. We can just drive down to the market, get what we want and then drive home. Simple!
But it does not work like that here. For a meager price, the amount of manual work to be done is tremendous. One amazing pair that I saw transporting the product was an old lady in her 60s and probably her grandchild in her teens, lugging about 5-6 big bags of vegetables!

As the crowd starts to slowly get off the train at their station, there was nothing else that went through my mind apart from the fact that I am having a good life in Singapore. There is nothing worth complaining about as well. We used to say: that times are different now from our parents or grandparents last time so quality of problems are also different that is why it is valid for us to complain still. Now looking at countries which have such suburban or rural life, made me realise even more that there are bigger problems than what we are facing in our comfortable lives. Take a step back and if just for one moment, we channel that power of complaining to do something meaningful, each one of us will be able to make a difference somehow. It just need to start.

As I complete the 35 stations, the train rolled to a close back to Yangon Train Station where I got out, pass my tickets to the train master and left the place with an indebted heart. Just a simple train ride but plenty of lessons which I get to see with my own eyes.

When you are planning to come Myanmar, Yangon anytime soon do include this into your itinerary! let me assure you that it will be worth the time and effort to take.

Below is a summary of how you can take the Yangon Circle train and what to take note of:

1- Upon reaching Yangon Train Station, Kun Chan Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Head down to Track 7.
2- Buy your Yangon Circle Line tickets from the counter. The train is non-airconditioned and it is going to be filled with locals.
3- The tickets that you bought which are meant for tourist will entitle you to the first cabin. As I mentioned earlier, me and 2 other tourists got into the last cabin which was not for us as we paid more. But it was all worth it for me and I didn't regret it at all.
4- You can get down at any station along the way to get some food or snacks or even snapped some pictures. The whole circle will take about 3 hours in order to get some stretches done, you can just get off any station and then hop back on when the next train comes.
5- There will be snack or souvenir peddler coming up each station if you would like to buy their stuff.
6- Always keep your stuff in your live of view, just for safety sake.
7- Enjoy the journey!

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