It was a media preview event that happened recently in February and I went to find out more about the special treatments and equipments that they were going to share on. Located centrally at Raffles Link, it was an easy to find place for me. All that I know during this event, I was going to get to experience the Venus Viva and Venus Legacy treatments.

Dr Wong Kee Seng, a registered physician by Singapore Medical Council was there to introduced the latest treatments and machines which are only available at Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic. Dr Wong specialises in minimally invasive aesthetics such as advanced injection technique for tired eye correction, facial contouring and achieving the desirable V-face through various Korean-style aesthetics methods.

The one thing that attract me is his belief in non-invasive and fuss-free procedures with zero to little down time. A seasoned veteran with the thought for busy working professionals like most of us, got me enchanted as well.

There was an introduction to 2 new Venus treatments at Kowayo- Viva & Legacy. Venus concept uses cutting-edge technology to treat the face, neck and body-with no pain, no discomfort and no downtime.

After the theoretical explanation of how the treatments work, the next exciting part was the live demo. Almost everyone of us, were being put through the choice of treatments, I mean what better way than to see the result for ourselves. They were confident with the treatment and results to be seen in one session that we were all encouraged to do it on the spot.

Personally, I did the Venus Legacy treatment there and then. The benefits were for both face and body, for tightening, lifting and definition.

Venus Legacy is a non-invasive treatment that uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, VariPulse Technology and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to treat all aesthetic concerns simultaneously. The whole treatment takes less than 30 minutes but it generates smoother, radiant looking skin in just 1 treatment.

For me, it was a hot sensation as the handheld tool was used to apply the radio frequency and pulse. A good temperature of 45-47 degrees is required to burn fats effectively. As the therapist glide over the affected area, namely my neck up to my chin and jaw (we were working on my double chin area), I could feel the heat strongly on areas where my skin is thinner like under the jaw and chin but as I reached 42 degrees it was unbearable and I had to lower the temperature. She did about 10 minutes on the right side and when it was done, I could immediately feel the tightening and light feel while I was still lying down. The whole process was repeated on the other side of my neck and face. After both sides was done, it was a clean and non-messy process so I can imagine that it will fit nicely into schedule during a short lunch break or just a quick visit after work. All that would have to matter is that result is proven while effort is being put in.

Apart from the Venus Legacy, the other treatment would be the Venus Viva. This is the ultimate solution for deep wrinkles, acne scars, large pores, uneven texture, pigmentation irregularities and even stretch marks(on body).

One lesson that I learn during the presentation was "first we must destroy and then we build". Similar to that concept but of course less scary: Venus Viva operates with revolutionary NanoFractional Radio Frequency and SmartScan technology that delivers result through selectional dermal heating. The frequency delivers energy all the way to the dermis, rebuilding collagen with with the fibreblast stimulation results in tissue remodelling.

As I was looking on at another excited lady was trying this treatment, we were informed that there would be minimal downtime and discomfort for an enhanced patient experience. After her treatment, there was a pink blush to her face which does not show any bad effects at all. In fact after three to four 15 minutes session, we can expect to have smoother, clearer and younger looking skin. I was impressed with the doctor, trainers and therapists confidence in letting us try the treatments and see the difference for ourselves. Be it, having active acne, wrinkle lines, saggy skin the treatment was able to make a difference and we were feeling it for ourselves which delivers their promise of being passionate to deliver beauty at a one-stop station.

As much as I would like to say this is the top beauty treatment ever, I understand each and everyone of us are made differently and may have different reactions to various treatments. So I will highly recommend you to book a consulation with the expert to share more on your concern and issues. But I do hope that from this post, you will know what are the current market treatments and latest technology is out there for you!

Kowayo Aesthetic Clinic is currently situated at:
1 Raffles Link #01-03B Singapore 039393
Tel: +65 6884 4280/90

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By engeliz
Guest writing original post 

Travelling has always been one of my greatest pleasures in life, and visiting every country in the world is a dream which I’ll use my lifetime to fulfil.

In September 2015, I had the chance to visit one of the UNESCO   World Heritage, Angkor Archeological Park located in Siem Reap, Cambodia! 

The Park houses several important architecture from the Khmer Empire (9th to the 15th centuries). Though they may appear ruin-like, the magnificent structures do not fail to keep me in awe throughout my time spent there.
It cost US$ 20.00 for 1-day pass into the park. I got my mugshot taken and before I know it, I had my personalized Angkor pass! Do make sure the pass never gets lost before exiting the Park though, as there is said to be a significant fine for not possessing a valid ticket while inside the park.
Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom are perhaps the most famous of the temples located in the Park. That said, tourists (myself included) are swarming these places, making them impossible to enjoy… or so I thought. Venturing deep into these temples, away from the crowd, there is much beauty and serenity waiting for you to find and explore.

I felt like an explorer, much like Lara Croft (neh, I don’t do raids), going around and discovering the faces looking afar, the sculptures and inscriptions on the walls, and at times, that perfect photo moment!

Nature was everywhere. Being a city girl, everything is new and amazing. There was life everywhere and even the inanimate seems so alive!

With great weather and perfect natural lighting, photos came out great, even for someone like me. Luckily or unluckily, the skies started changing as I left the last temple of my journey.

The Angkor Archeological Park is really a place where everyone should give a visit to, be it you are a photography enthusiast, a nerd for good ol’ culture and history, or simply love to see new sights. It is said that the sunrise at Angkor Wat and sunset at Phnom Bakheng are of great views, which sadly, I didn’t manage to go see neither of them. But hey, that’ll means I now have an excuse to come back again! Angkor Archeological Park, wait for me!!

In the meantime, be Adventurous, be Brave, and be Curious!

One of my friend recommended this oxidation therapy after her sister went, a few of us are suckers for trying new stuff (who says Singapore is boring), so many things so little time. I called up the place after googling the name online and made an appointment for our group to go down one weekend. There are basically two outlets in Singapore, one in Pandan Gardens and the other at Tampines, being located centrally, we of course opted to go to the Pandan Garden’s branch. In my mind, I generally imagine that it will be some sort of sauna concept  where I will be perspiring a lot and getting rid of toxins this way.


I made a booking for 11am in the morning, when we were there we filled up the forms as a first time user and received our yukata and towels. For a first time trial, we gotten 2 sessions for the price of one. Honestly, we still did not know what to expect but we went in with an open heart and open mind. The lady told us to finish one mug of water before going in which we did. So off to get changed and ready!

We are supposed to strip everything inside except for underwear which you can use your own or they do provide paper undies at a cost of 30 cents. We kept everything inside the provided locker and just bring our mug of water and locker key into the room. We will apparently be perspiring a lot so you can remember to bring your own undies next time. Then we spray on this lotion which is a form of moisturizer which is good for the skin, spray it on the face and hands and legs and neck. Then time to go into the room, it reminds me a lot of a sauna minus the charcoal, smoke, etc. The biggest room have placements for about 10 people. There is a mini wooden divider to block the head area but apart from that it is just an open space.

The temperature was maintained at about 50 degree Celsius and being my first time in there, it was so hot. We were told that at any point of time if cannot stand it, we can come out for a breather, but minimally spending a good 20 mins inside felt good personally. I lay down on the towel and there was a small wooden pillow like those old style Asian head pillow. But seriously it reminded me of something I watch from the Korean Drama…JimJilbang, yeah the concept was really like omona, when am I going to korea imnida~ hahahhaha



After persevering for a good 20 mins for the first time, we went outside after we are done and I was soaking wet and flushed. But it felt so good! I just had to cool down and stayed away from aircon and fan. We do not want to fall sick if we are still perspiring and blowing the fan at us. After wiping the sweat and generally when I felt more cool down, it was time for shower. There was a special face soap (Kojo Densetsu Bar soap) to clean our face before showering, and even the body soap that is provided, seem non-scented and organic, as well as have a very unique characteristic unlike our normal shower gel/soap which lathers really well. I believe this has got to do with the fact that the soap is to remove the sebum oil and truly clean the skin.


We were lucky as there were a few ladies before us and they guided us that we must shower with warm water first to wash away the sweat and dirt before using cold water to rinse. So detailed, so much appreciated. After getting ready, we were back at the main hall and we were given a facial mask and a shot of some sour drink like vinegar extract which is grapefruit flavoured. There was also a machine to check our body internal system (heartbeat rate, stress level, fatigue level, etc), we did it cos anyway we are coming back for the second time and it will be good to see the difference or any improvements on our health.



The second session that I went was a week later, but at least I know what to expect. Importantly is to protect the head and scalp so this time around I conditioned my hair and used a shower cap. Ready and prepared.

If you would like to try out this oxidation therapy, you can call: +65 6567 3593.

For a first time trial, it will cost $40 for 2 sessions. 

You can read more details here:

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