Saturday, November 1, 2014

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As we are nearing the end the 2014 soon, have you sat down to think of your new year resolutions, 2015? Too early you may say well its better now or never right. 

Didn't we learn from our lesson, setting goals last minute only made us flustered to come up with things which are more than half the world away from the real deal. But jokes aside, in the last two months of the year, let us communicate more on mindset and energy.

How do you keep yourself enthusiastic with whatever you are doing? Be it at work or at school. 
What is your motivation?
Who are your inner circle group of people whom you hang around with?
How different are you today from where you were yesterday?
Why are you where you are right now?
How do you make others be happy?
When do you think it is time to give back?

So many questions and so little time, no, I am not running out of time but wait, maybe we all are ,running out of time. We age, we grow old and we die. Its part and parcel of life and it can happen anytime to anyone. 

This is short post before I set off to another trip away.

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger then it also won't hurt for us to do a little bit of charity. For the third year which I am touching on Movember you can find out more about the movement in Singapore here.

This is a footage of one of the old video I did last year with a few friends to raise awareness about Movember and the cause (click here)

Signing out from a Mo Sista to all the Mo Bros :3|, cheers!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

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It is so convenient nowadays to access internet wherever you may be. It can be a good and bad thing cause first work never gets left behind and second, well you ARE on a holiday (so leave that work behind but please don't tell your boss that I said that ;))

In Europe, it is so accessible for you to get wifi at most places, such as restaurants, cafe, shopping centres phone booth and even hotspot areas. Thus you need to do a bit of exploratory business so that you do not have to purposely buy a drink to seat in the cafe to use their wifi.
You can also buy a prepaid data card since we always need to keep in touch with our loved ones via watsapp or Line, making calls using the prepaid cards are also much cheaper than using data roaming.
Nonetheless, preparation is always key! So get all the needed information that you need from the internet while you are in the hostel/hotel and get on the road.

After we have established those internet issues, get on the road but then again things do change, the information may be outdated. You may meet new challenges such as getting lost, change of venue, etc, etc, etc. Here I have 3 of my favourite apps which I used so often while in Europe. 

1) City Mapper (iOS and Google Play)

The reviews was raving about this map online, and you would have thought it was just another travel app which you can do without. Stick to the Google Map if you are really familiar with the place and the costs but this City Mapper works like a bombshell it is.
Apart from mapping out what is near you, where you are exactly and also how to share your location if you are meeting someone. City Mapper covers it all.
You can also choose a destination and the City Mapper will show you the available route plus...wait for it...the cost of taking the various routes (bus fare or train/metro/rail fare as such)
It was such a joyful time using this app as it does not waste a lot of your time trying to figure out the maps half of the journey.

Trick to using this app, similar to Google Map. Save your desired destination in advance and open the map of the city you are at when you have Wifi. After that while you are on the move and there is no wifi or data plan, your Location Services will be able to guide you according to the map and do not worry cause Location Services works using the GPS roaming inside your phone. It does not use your data plan. To be safe just check again to ensure that your data roaming is turned off.

As of now, it was useful when in Paris, London, Barcelona and Italy. Hopefully it will choose to open up into Asia soon and it will definitely benefit more tourists. 

As for now, I will give this app 5 flight stars (***** out of 5)

2) ParkRight (for iphone and android and windows)

For those who drive or plan to drive when moving about in central London, parking is really expensive (just saying) but well if you have that car and you plan to find parking. Here is an easy way. Download the app into your phone from the Apple Store or Google Play or Windows Store. Register online with RingGo (just follow the simple instructions to input your details, card details and car plate number).
Open the ParkRight app, login with your RingGo account and then choose the area which you want to park your car. You can do this as you walk away from the car after you have locked it. In the event if you need to extend the parking, you can do it from the comfort of your own timing via the app.
The app is also able to schedule a reminder via text messages when it is going to be due (bear in mind however, international sms charges will apply if you select this). What I did was simple put a reminder in my phone if I am really afraid of overlooking the due time.
Payment will be done via card online so it is a cashless and seamless process altogether. You can register more than one for the account if the case is that you would be renting car during the trip.

I will give this app 4 flight stars (out of 5). I am sad that parking is so expensive in London, I will not complain about Singapore parking ever again.

3) GoogleMap (for iphone and android and windows)

How can I not talk about google maps. This was the basic map which I depended on apart from Apple maps. I will not even go there. As a general outline of Europe when planning for the trip, google map have been a great help. As a plus, before we went on the road for the trip, another website, Rome2Rio have been a great help! You can play around the website here
Apart from that, looking for cheaper alternatives to travel around have to be researched well upfront. But this website and google map will be a great help for you to decide how and where to plan your routes.

Cheaper alternatives like MegaBus (my FAVOURITE and I can talk about it all day, if you want me to;P) is not included in this site as a recommended transport. So I do see that as one of the shortcoming of the site but nonetheless homework has to be done so that you can have a fun and enjoyable trip.

I will give this couple 4 stars (out of 5)

4) TimeOut (available from Apple Store, Google Play and Windows store)

As much as I like to read up about a place that people would recommend me to visit, I like them compiled and presented in a very nice way- such as an app. So TimeOut have been a great help recommending things to see, things to eat and places to be there. They even categorised places like  "top 20 things to do for free when in London" or "top 10 things to do when in Barcelona. Wherever you are, just select the city or country and TimeOut will pop out with all the relevant information that you need to know: monuments, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and many more.

Using this app basically its for you to read up as a guide to popular places in that area. I do notice that many travellers which I met during the trip are using TimeOut as well. So places that are being recommended are in fact full of tourist. However the write-ups make up for it and will be good for you to assist you to decide whether you want to go or not.

One setback of this app is that, as an Iphone user, i upgraded my iOS 8 and the app is not so advanced yet when I was on my holiday. It crashed on me a couple of times that it was kind of irritating. I had to read up using my macbook when I am back in the hostel, I can't really use the app when I am out an about

I will give this app 3 flight stars (out of 5)

There you have it, have fun on your holiday and if you have any other apps which you highly recommend as it saved your life one way or another, do share them with me!

I am also on twitter: @zsiti and Instagram @zsiti_. Come talk to me :)


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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When one is travelling on a budget, it means you have to plan your journey and destination. When I was in Paris, one of the form of common transport was the Metro. Well, I did travel around by Bus but at the end of the day, the Metro seem like a more convenient way to go. Cab was a no-no affair as the cost was an exorbitant charge for me.

What I would like to talk about to you would be things to look out for while taking the Metro. Basically, in Paris or other parts of Europe if you cant French well you gotta know how to get help in certain things. I just feel that coming to Paris for the second time, the Parisians are now more understanding and tend to be able to communicate in english a little better than my first trip here 3 years back.

At the Metro station, take note to only ask for help from the officers at the ticket stations. There may be people who wear badges (with the word Paris or some kind of tourist pass) and they will approach you to help you to buy your tickets from the machine. BEWARE! they are not legal, they are not supposed to do that and we do not know what kind of scam they are playing. Simply put, it could be a trap where they wanna know where you keep your wallet or they wanna receive a cut from the tickets or something like that.

Personally, I encountered such experience twice. A metro ride for one trip cost 1.70 Euros per person (regardless the distance within Paris city centre and zone). One guy approached both me and my friend who seem "touristy" enough and offered to buy the tickets from the machine for us, he chose the french language option and after a few clicks here and there on the screen the total came up to 16 Euros. I m like "wow! that escalated quickly". 

Without a bat of my eyelids, we proceed to the ticket office which was in fact just beside the machine, and said we needed tickets so he came out, shoo-ed the other guys (as in literally shoo-ed them) and went through the process of getting the Metro tickets for us on the same machine. That is where we learned that it will only cost us 1.70 Euros

Well, when doing test we need to do it more than twice right. So, from another station, we were approached by another lady and a guy who asked where we are going, after telling them the destination they clicked some details and BAM! my ticket will cost more than 30 Euros. Well woh and behold, I have seen enough so we just bought our 1.70 Euros ticket say thanks and made our way into the Metro.

Do beware of any group of people hanging around at the Metro and approaching you to offer "help". Even if they have a badge which looks kind of official, if they do not have any uniform on, then please do not try your luck. It is easy to get proper help around: tourist office, ticket office, bus office, even the police station, if need be. If there is one thing that I learned from Paris, offering their help is never in their priority but if you approach the right people for help, they will be kind enough to do so. Thus never take those who come to you as "blessing" as it does not really work over there. Its better to take action to approach then to be approached.

Out of many instances where they may be syndicates to con you of your money, pick-pockets I would say this would really depend on your luck. However, we can always do our part to be more vigilant and not complacent especially when you are on a holiday.

As a special note, always remember to buy travel insurance to cover yourself and your items, I never know.


Sunday, October 26, 2014

I was basically in London for about a week recently. I had initially enrolled for a digital media programme with scholarship in London but it didn't go through so I decided to skip the whole course itself (instead of spending any more money there) and just took it as a holiday.
Being in London was amazing, with the cool weather, english-speaking people, halal food (as compared to other parts of Europe I went weeks before London, it was hard to find plain Halal food) visiting the museum, seeing the monuments, Big Ben, the Tower Bridge/London Bridge, park, etc was like an awesome experience but I soon came to notice that when I have seen one, I would have seen all. I gotten a bit overwhelmed by all the building architectures which look more or less the same however they may have a different story behind them.

Since my accommodation with our London Host is outside of the city centre, I decided to take a walk around the town and give an account of a day in Romford town. There are various ways to reach here from London city centre, like the bus or rail and it is about an hour away.

People in Romford gives a more subtle and quiet feel as compared to being in the city centre that I can take a quiet little stroll all over town and feel at peace. People are courteous inside the bus, shopping centres, driving the cars or even when they were in the restaurant.

In terms of history, Romford along with four other towns/areas around London came under one name, Havering which goes back to thousand of years of history but ohh I am not going to bother you with the details of that. If you are keen to read up more, then you can simply click here. I had the opportunity to not just read online but went to the museum to learn about the history of one out of many London boroughs. At the same time, it was also the time of remembering the World War I, so there were some artifacts and historical posts being put up to talk about and remember the people, the soldiers and the effects of World War I.

Romford, known to be the marketplace where people bring their cattles and fresh produce to trade and sell in the past. Today on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays there would be an open air market in the town centre which would be the equivalent of Singapore Bazaar (or Pasar Malam)

Entrance to the local shopping arcade with stores like Marks & Spencer, Primark, 99p and more

The Golden Lion, dating back to 1440s when it was known as Le Lion, a typical inn.

The Open market which only operates every wednesday, friday and saturdays

Its going to be winter soon

Fresh produce like foods and vegetables are available

For the seafood lovers


The candyman was dressed in his white lab coat, a candyman by day and dentist by afternoon?

Whoever can resist fresh lobsters, crabs, eels, and more!!!

The Best Plaice

A whole building catered to selling household items as well as clothings and everything!

Fresh flowers to brighten up the mood
Romford Shopping Hall which holds stores and restaurants from the east to the west. 
Classic example of a make-up store inside, does it remind you of anywhere familiar in Singapore?
In the same area, there is a museum which holds the rich history and heritage of the London Borough of Havering. Did you know that the staff who tends to the museum are mainly volunteers who spends their precious time to maintain and take care of the place. As mentioned earlier on, there was also the collection of World War I articles so I could not take a lot of pictures inside of the museum as requested by one of the staff on duty.
The main entrance to Havering Museum is tucked away in the corner of the street

A certificate given by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee in 2012

One of those seal colouring/shading, which I just had to bring back for myself

One of the area to show the olden equipments which was used during those times

A sofa set for one, two, many many people
Basically, it was a gem of its own. Havering Museum depended on the local libraries for the resources and research materials which was a very good form of support for the museum, I was excited to spend that couple of hours inside although I was the only one that afternoon but the staff, Dennis and Pauline were very nice and accommodating.

After scouring through the area covered by the olden cafe/pubs, museum, cathedrals I moved on to the shopping area. Basically they are big on everything, what I mean is one shop will usually occupy a whole building on its own (but at most 2-3 storeys high) or its one big store by itself.

I took the chance to shop around the supermarket (and boy can this make me go crazy, Supermarkets give me the High!) for things to cook for dinner at our host's place. She has a garden which she plants her own potatoes, beet roots, carrots, tomatoes and all. Craving for some instant noodle (a girl gotta do what she has to do anyway)
It was quite windy on that day but there was the long awaited sun
Oh see that cutie, i mean chocolates, candies, snacks?

Getting fresh beet roots for dinner, the last harvest before winter arrives
The door to the backyard

Yup, it's a simple meal but I hope she is happy with it :D
I can feel the convenience of getting everything I want for the home in one area. The feeling of shopping in a place full of heritage and taking pride in such a place to be called My Hometown is amazing. 

To see more of my other pictures and the places which I visited for this trip (such as Pisa, Italy, Cinque Terre, Paris and Barcelona) you can add me on Facebook: sitishyuhaila or follow me on IG: zsiti_

Till we meet again!


PS: I would have love to recommend this kebab restaurant (Essex Fish) which sells the meanest hot dogs ever! They have it deep fried or in buns or ala original. They also specialises in fish: fried or grilled. I have never tasted something that good. I would recommend you to try it if you are in Romford and the service is good too. I have heard many feedback of poor service from Kebab restaurants in London and I was wary but sometimes you gotta try it on your own to believe it. They do not open in the morning but from afternoon onwards till late as there are drinking pub a few doors away so it can cater to people who may be hungry for a few bites after a few glasses.
That scale to ratio tho... the dogs are Huge I tell you!

Looks are deceiving, that's all I can say

They do not open early but they open till late, real late...

Friday, October 24, 2014

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My favourite have always been to take recipes and improvise them to make it easy, simple and delicious for me to follow. There are a lot of food which I love to see online from different cultures but due to my religion I am not able to eat those sold in the shops. Reason being, they contained restricted meat or content such as alcohol. So I am always ready to pick up a recipe and whipped it up into real life.

Recently, I was inspired to chalk up a menu of hors d'oeuvre and salad for my last party which I organised for a group of ladies. 

In this post, I would like to share my take and recipe of the pasta salad- zsiti edition, Here We Go~

I have two versions of the pasta salad here:

1) Chicken Olive Oil Salad

2) Tuna Mayo Salad


Pasta (preferred would be the shells like cavatelli or spiral like fusilli)
Chicken meat
Can of tuna in water or oil
Romaine Lettuce or Iceberg Lettuce
Cherry Tomatoes
White Button Mushroom
Mixed Herbs
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic sauce
Olive (optional)
Almonds or pine nuts (optional) 

The first recipe which I am going to do will be the chicken olive oil salad. It is simple and quick to do. Firstly, I boiled certain ingredients like the pasta, chicken meat and mushroom and set them aside to cool.

Then sliced up the cherry tomatoes into halves and thinly sliced the mushrooms. The lettuce would be sliced up into strips of about one inch.

In a big mixing bowl, place the tomatoes, lettuce, mushroom, olives and shred the chicken meat into the bowl.

Drizzle in 2 tbs of olive oil or based on your taste preference, I also poured in 1 tbsp of balsamic sauce and a pinch of mixed herbs. Stir to mix them. Chill the salad in the fridge, before serving sprinkle on some parmesan cheese and almonds for that added crunch.

The second recipe which is the Tuna Mayo Salad, place in a big mixing bowl, the lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, and tuna flakes along with 2tbs of mayonnaise. Stir them well and store in the fridge before serving.

Resting the salad in the fridge would allow it to soak up the sauce and enhance the flavour making it a scrumptious sides to your meal.

I served the salad as one of my main dish during the party and thankfully it was well received. It is also one dish which can be whipped up in a short time during those lazy weekend which you want to spend less time in the kitchen.

Try them out and tell me how it went for you. Let your creativity comes in and you can add in any ingredients that you would like!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In this post, I would like to take a daring move to attempt a pure green smoothie. In other words, mainly vege only but...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Hold on tight everybody, the road is gonna get a little bit bumpy and slippery. YES, it is time for another post from zsiti co. 

We are entering the last and final quarter of 2014 soon and then it is going to be a brand new year, 2015! I always welcome every quarter with excitement and anticipation. I also make all the preparations for each quarter such as holidays, new photo albums, new projects to look forward to and I also look forward to the last quarter especially because of the weather.

It is fortunate and unfortunate at the same time for us in Singapore as we do not have the standard four seasons unlike others. But I am thankful that we are in a place where it is also not that extreme: drought or flood. Basically, we are always hot (see the pun and play on words there) so 365 days we have warm or hot weather. Nearing the end of the year, then we will start to have a cooler and probably wet season. 

As you all know I personally love travelling, different countries do have different seasons and that means I have to cater to them. Be it the clothing, the temperature and even the shoes. But while I have those collection of thicker clothing, there is rarely much chance for me to wear them in Singapore during normal hotter period. So when the rainy season and such sweater weather season is here...I got the feels ...heheheheh the real. 

I get to take out my collection of jackets, sweater and blazers. Well, hold on before you go on and judge me with all your comments, it is not like Singapore rainy season is going to be THAT cold but it does allow me to put on that extra jacket and stuff and well a girl can dream...(for that bit of cool air right?)

For the sake of convenience and style in Singapore, I rarely wear out my sweater collection but I prefer to wear out my blazers. From solid colours to prints,  I will simply dress down casually then throw on a classy blazer and BAM! that will up the style!

Here are my favourite blazers which I chose to wear depending on my mood. 

Classic white
Lady Cream Blazer
Safari blazer
Earthly Tone Long Blazer
Army Blazer
 photo komedi_1411444596854_438_zpsb3b75ba0.gif
How I do my shopping in front of a mirror
Whenever I go shopping, during different season I will pick up the few pieces and design which I like and play mix 'n' match with them. However, sometimes I also like to go online to a few fashion platform to browse through the wide variety of blazers online for women.

So how do you dress classily in Singapore?