Friday, November 28, 2014

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On the galactic internet space, you can find loads of quotes and motivational phrases that just seem so applicable to every part of your life.

To the point that it can get overwhelming at times, what we need is the cultivation of our character and soul, this doesn't change and we need to build such deep value in within ourselves. So I dedicate my lives to a few good quotes which I live my life by. Here I will share with you my top 11 list, why not 5 or 10 or 15. Well, firstly, it's my list so do be aware that it is what I believe in.

We are all not perfect and I have my shortcomings such as my laziness, racism, bias and also greediness. Life is about taking all the opportunities which presents to us and learning about it to change for the better. Without good friends and people around who will be candid to us, we are missing a big portion of living. We are not meant to be alone.

1. "How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you"

2. "The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply"

3. "The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back"

4. "Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive, it will take their breath away"

5. "You never know who needs you. Good energy is contagious"

6. "radiate positivity"

7. "sometimes you win sometimes you learn but you must try"

8. "I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family and dreams that turned into reality"

9. "just like the sun, you spread warmth and inspire life. just by being you"

10. "old ways won't open new doors"

11. "Being optimistic isn't always being happy. It's taking what the world throws at you and saying 'I'm not going to let this get me down'"

You can have your own will and way but learn to take ownership over it and live responsibly. God gave us a life to live, learn to appreciate it.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

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November have always been a special month, well its not just about Movember yaw but it was also the beginning of the beginning.

As some of you may have known that I manage this Facebook Page and Group Singapore Youtubers together with a few close friends. I will include the links later on. The main purpose initially was to meet new people with the same passion making videos online and open the platform for collaborations and fun. Who would have known that Youtube made a big presence in Singapore one year later and boom, everybody now wants to make a youtube channel and upload videos.

I guess it was no big deal as mostly we wanted to have fun and at the same time provide entertainment to Singapore(ans) but when corporates came into the picture, they dangled huge carrot sticks and veg and meat and many more other attractive incentives which made this whole hobby turned into a platform to generate money.

Again, I guess it was no big deal because I believe that if you want to do something as a passion, it better be harvesting good results for yourself. You also have better be able to feed yourself to survive rather than do something which may not be beneficial to anyone.

The group grew significantly in the last two years in fact, and people from everywhere were trying to join in the group. But as administrators of the small group, we had to protect our people as well, we wanted to keep it purely for Singaporeans to get in touch with one another, meet new friends and also work together.

Personally, the first batch of friends are the people whom I met and until now I am blessed and happy to have such young friends. Currently doing their best and excelling in whatever stage of life they are in, I am proud to say that at certain part of each other's lives, we have once met and became friends.

I do take recommendations of videos which I will share on the page for more people to watch and I also encourage new youtube channels to join in our group to interact and meet new people. but kids, I must reiterate that when meeting strangers online do exercise caution.

Visit us at: Facebook Page and our Facebook Group

At the same time, we are open to anyone who would like to contribute to the logo design as such.


Friday, November 21, 2014

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As a person, we have the right to stand by our opinion and that is just how I feel. I have received many responses from adult and old people-like that they like my enthusiasm and positivity. Honestly, that did not mean much to me as I was brought up like that.

I am not saying that life goes on really smoothly and perfect for me. But I make the best out of everything. My parents went through a divorced when I was 21 and just started to step into the working society. My mother left our family when both my younger brothers are still small. We made our choices to stay with our father.

From then on, I fell back on the support of my other family, an organisation which I grew up in and call my second family. As far back that I can recall, a lot of my cultivation of character and moral went through the training ground of the organisation. That was the age where I was brought up to see the world, people from various background and to experience things beyond expectation.

Moral education which stops after we graduated from primary school became an extinct component in the education system nowadays. As they placed more focus and emphasis on creative thinking, speaking out, entrepreneurship it seems like they are tuning the kid's mind to think more of me, myself and I. 

Traditionally, we would also depend on family support and training but as parents gets stuck in their daily work responsibilities and duties, they in-turn place high expectations on the school. But it comes with a price, teachers cannot scold their children, their child is their baby and their "baby" is goind through a lot of "hardship" studying. Parents pressure the teachers to do the maximum to educate their child and even morally. 

I would say, teachers are taking it quite hard being caught in the middle (Education superior, principal, parents, students) so to all my friends who are teachers, Kudos to you! U got my respect, woah!

What I have always believed in and I do so till now, that learning never stop when I leave the classroom. But then again this thinking did not come to me PFA (Plug from Air), it was taught to me, I was trained by the best of the best mentor who I ever had. Every step and experience that I have is a learning lesson. I must learn to apply what I have seen and because I must be smart and wise. Do not fall into the trap that I must pay cash in order to learn. Life experiences can't be bought and it must be experienced (see that play on words tho).

After a few lessons of hard knocks and grilling, I also learned what I want to do and what I like. I realised that I cannot just let go of what I love just because someone says so. That brings me to the point that if it is meant to be, fate has it that it will play in front of you and you must grab it. Opportunity is all around, you just have to learn to grab it. I believe a lot in blind faith, cause when I was younger and I have not seen the world much (not that i have seen more right now, I am still learning) I was guided to just do it (Nike here). Nothing is impossible till I say so, just because no one else have tried it that doesn't mean it will not work!


PS: I gave up the stability of working in an organisation for many years to pursue my passion of what I love doing which is crafting up personalised services to cater to business set-up. Working with people who are nice and friendly makes the joy of serving them becoming real. I did not hesitate to just jump out of the aircraft. That was because I know for a fact that with Fear, I will not budge at all. So i choose to let it go and just jump off that wagon. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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Do you feel the need to overlook and control everything, from the meeting time, where to go out for fun and right down to the food which your friend eats when going out for a meal with friends?

I know that question seem overboard and way too much. But in fact, that is a weakness which I have. I cannot stand indecisiveness and slow thinkers. Not slow as in people who have a mental condition and are slow or people who are stupid. I am referring to people who do not have a sense of urgency in life or anything they do. Being brought up in Singapore, we all go through the system of processes and education.

In school, I was part of the school's NPCC as my CCA so it was a part of me that we were trained to be quick and responsive. When I started to join the work force, I am thankful for being in an organisation who had a culture of responsibility and accountability which kept me in check as a person as I grew up. Whenever a task was distributed or question was being asked, we were trained and taught to respond, it is a form of acknowledgement and respect for another human being.

What I noticed in the younger generation of kids nowadays, this was a much lacking skill set and it kept me wondering, where did we go wrong?

Are we being judged by all our actions that we chose to "slow down" our response so that we do not get caught doing the "wrong" things. On the other hand, kids are also being told that "failure is the mother of all success", if they do not do the wrong things then how can they learn. Are the adults so unforgiving when we see the younger generation doing something wrong?

Maybe it is time for us to step back and see the bigger picture, what the kids are doing may not be wrong because time change, everything and everyone evolved. What is being done now may not be applicable last time but vice versa what we went through last time may not work in such an era now.

I don't know...

The grass may be greener on the other side but do share with me what else would make you happy with the current grass on your side :)


Saturday, November 15, 2014

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Someone told me a story recently, two dogs went into the same room and when they came out their behaviour was a total opposite from each other. One dog came out barking happily and jumping up and down while the other came out growling like someone stole his favourite biscuit and he look like he could kill.

Out of curiosity, the person went into the room to see what was in there. He was surprised when he noticed that the room was just covered with mirrors from top to bottom and nothing else. He learnt that the happy dog went in and he saw hundreds and many more of happy dogs while the angry dog went in and saw many more of his berserk and angered kind.

Generally, this story was trying to teach us something and I took back a fair share of lessons which I could interpret into my life.

What I see will be reflected from my behaviour and people around me are just the reactive portion of my behaviour. Honestly, I think Karma plays a large role too. We do not have to wait for karma to come back to us another day, we can prevent it from happening right on day one. 

Superficiality and being fake lies on the other side of being optimistic and positive and there is just a thin line separating this that you can't help it when people who are not able to understand it judge you as being the fake one.

I have always been asked the question "why do you keep agreeing with that person? why are you so fake? why do you seem so happy ALL THE TIME?"

All I can reply is "That's me" and smile it off. The truth is that what would I get with showing displeasure and anger towards someone else. Why would I tell you that I am upset if I know that you are not the cause of it and you are not able to stop it.

People may tend to vent their anger on others sometimes and if we were unfortunate enough to receive them, we will so feel so pissed off and unfair right? The same thing applies, do not give to others what you would not want to receive.

So smile often and share happiness with others cause the world is round. No problems cannot be solved and if you do not look for help, you will definitely have no answer to it.

If there is one thing you can control, that is your manner and outlook on life. Being happy all the while doesn't mean you do not have any problems. It is about managing our emotions to deal with problems as they come with wisdom and maturity.