Sunday, March 1, 2015

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As we are coming to the end of the first 15 days of the Lunar New Year, I am sure by now most of us have a great start to the Chinese New Year.

Going around giving and receiving blessings, throwing well-wishes and catching up with longtime friends and relatives.

I had my fair share of good food, good atmosphere and great times as well. This is one of the beautiful things of Singapore, our unique multi-racial community gives us the chance to learn and understand about our neighbours so much more. We get to share the holidays, share the friendships and also forge a stronger bond this way. There is no clear distinction of each race being special on its own because each and everyone of us are special and unique.

After such a long break, most business have started to function proper since last week. Some following the auspicious date or time to start work all in the name of wishing for a prosperous and great 2015 onwards.

Personally, I am looking forward to the rest of my 2015 as well. A lot of excitement have started to unravel in my life and I must say that it is still not done yet. Like unwrapping a present, more has yet to come.

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

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Picture by Dallaskhl

I have a constant thirst for travelling and I need to make it a point to travel and explore new places. One way of covering more area as well as learning in depth of the place, I choose to stay in hostels or backpacking places.
The friends we meet and fostered along the way makes up a big portion of the reason I travel. Some of them are so kind to share beyond what I may be able to see at the places I visit because each and everyone of us travel for all different kind of reasons.

As time pass by, staying in a hostel or couch surfing get so common yet I do know friends whom have not experienced such kind of fun atmosphere. Even in Singapore, we do have a few good hostels which I believe holds a very important role in representing Singapore. They play the front role  as a representation of Singaporeans and our culture to tourists.

What made me feel so happy and enthused about staying in a hostel? Simply because it reminds me of home away from home. There have been hostels I stayed in where I have the responsibility to change my own bedsheets, and return them upon checking out so as to prepare for the next person coming in. We have a communal bathroom so each and everyone of us have to ensure we do our part to keep it clean like our own home. A kitchen and fridge to cook and share food wherever is possible.

It makes travelling a whole lot fun and adventurous, since you never know who you are going to meet ;).

In Singapore, most people like to do staycations in hotels, enjoy the privileges of getting everything served at the call of your phone. Just order whatever you want, and someone will send them right to your doorstep. I have totally no problem in indulging myself with that sometimes cause we live to also enjoy and rest. I would also love to encourage friends to stay in a hostel to get that one time life experience. During your stay, you can never imagine that a simple sharing of your favourite drinking spot, or food can really make a difference to another person visiting Singapore. As I have mentioned earlier, when I am travelling I do not have the luxury of time to be seeing everything at one go. So listening to another person sharing on their own experience adds on to my knowledge as well.

In my next post, I will share more on a few of my favourite staycation spots in Singapore. Hotels and Hostels alike.

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

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Pic credit Then Lisha ;)
In the next few days, our Chinese friends will be welcoming and celebrating their New Year. This few days would be busy and exciting for everyone as they get busy preparing the goodies, new clothes and spring cleaning of their home.

Where else would we see all the busy and bustling people? of course it is none other than Chinatown, packed with all the small shops which will be brightly lit and colourfully decorated to attract all the passerby to come in and shop.

I went with some friends for dinner and also took a walk at Chinatown night markets to squeeze in with the crowd...>_<

It is all about the lights and lights and more lights. Visiting Chinatown in the evening allow us to see more of the lighted displays and enjoy the walk in the breeze. There are however instance when the crowd may get stifling and block the wind direction but all is well as long as you can maneuver around flexibly.

The Chinese New Year Bazaar will go on for about a month from 31st January 2015 till 19th February 2015. This year, the designing and conceptualising theme was done by Singapore University of Technolody and Design (SUTD). There are various corners which you can look for such as: Nightly Stage Shows, Chinatown Wishing Tree, Festive Street Bazaar and Carnival and more. It only happens once a year so why not go down for a visit!

2015 being the year of the Goat, means that most of the decorations sold this year will have a lot of goats or sheep or even lambs design. Though honestly, I can't really tell the difference between a lamb and a sheep cause they are both woolly and cute. 

Of course, the main wishes that are exchange every time would wish for abundance of wealth, good health and joy. Definitely you would see plenty of gold adornments, coins and treasures alike to embellish the light display and roads. Thus creating a feast for the eyes of the tourist or locals. Be ready to snap a picture any moment cause you will always be in the bright limelight. 

Oh an of course if we are walking around Chinatown, we would definitely have to take a look at Wink Hostel. Bringing my friend for a tour inside the hostel, since I am planning for an upcoming project in Singapore. I would love to be able to work with Wink Hostel for this event. The clean place and welcoming atmosphere tempts us to take pictures....everywhere :)

 Everything is red and full of happy things as we squeeze through the lanes and crowd but I am happy and pleased with my shopping items and craft ideas which I will bring back to decorate my workplace ;) (sometimes copying requires some talent and I HAPPEN to have them...ehhemm #justsaying)

To all my Chinese Friends and Singaporeans, have a great Chinese New Year 2015. May You be blessed with everlasting Joy & Prosperity! Huat Ah....

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

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Finally! The 2015 Kids Glitz Pageant just passed recently and I am thankful to be there for the event. Everybody was dressed to the nines especially for the participants who are going to glitter and shine on stage.
Before the main event begin, the whole area was bustling from the organisers, camera crews, make-up artists and supporters who were there to root for the fellow contestants.
I would have to commend that the venue this time around was a well-made choice as it was both convenient in venue and conducive for both participants and supporters alike. Even for those people who were shopping at Anchorpoint Shopping Centre were treated to a fun session watching the kids shine on stage.

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As always, the table of trophies and gifts never fail to disappoint as it gives a shine of its own as every contestant would lay their eyes on the prize to hopefully bring home. 

Seeing the kids as young as 4 years old all the way up to 12 years modelling across the stage brings a lot of smiles and happiness to the audience. When they were given the free time to parade their talents on stage, some of the kids were adorable as they groove and dance to selected songs which they feel connected to.

Grooving to Frozen's famous OST, Let it Go is never an obsolete idea. Basically, kids makes everything 100x more adorable. At the end of the day, Royalize International was looking for their Glitz Little Angel as well as Glitz Angel Face.

The format of the pageant was simple, there was a Facebook voting which went on before the actual day to determine the popularity of the kids (this was done on Royalize International Facebook Page) and the rest goes to the contestants "performance" on stage. I am sure by now the Judges would have had a hard time deciding the winner cause all of them were just dear darlings!

Before the contestants get to "play" on stage, we were treated to some powerful and soulful performances by Nurul Rahila, Jumali Sanotri as well as Juffri.

Let me treat you to some sweetness of the kids dressed in their fancy gowns and costumes as they follow the theme of Disney Princes and Princesses. From Princess Jasmine to Prince Charming, you name it they have it and the kids parade beautifully in their costume. Photos courtesy of Yaz Photography as the main photographer for the event.

Photo Gallery by

Guess who managed to squeeze time to drop by for the event, thanks for coming and showing your support for the event. Much appreciated.
Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

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Since the last few months of 2014, my mailbox have been utterly full for weeks and no matter how diligent I am at cleaning the mails it was a big challenge for me. If you are thinking then I should do about all the spam mails and stuff. Sad to say, I subscribed to those willingly and it's because of the many festive season and year end promotion where I like receiving more of such discounts in my mail.

After settling down with New Year and for some start of school period, I revisited my favourite site, Zalora cause I was looking for new clothes and probably a new wallet * whispers, though I just gotten my Michael Kors a few months back (I am not a shopaholic).

Apart from browsing through my selected choice of apparels, I will also look at other brands which Zalora carries then I got caught on Mango. It has been one of the early brands which I used to frquent with my friends when we were in poly. Even when we started work, some of us loved going to Mango outlet at Wisma Atria to browse through the bags, clothes, jackets and even shawls. Seeing Mango's stuff was on the site, so why not check out the available range of Mango's women collection online?

I cannot believe the discount that they were offering for the dresses, tops and wallets even. Normal priced items were going off at S$49, S$32.50 or even S$29. Of course I did not hesitate to inform my few close friends who are Mango fans or simply fans of discounts to go online to check the items. (That's what friends are for right ;)). A brand new year so a brand new set of clothes, doesn't that make sense?

My friend, Linko showed me a few of the pieces she have gotten from Mango recently and I thought that the pieces were pretty nice and decent. It is definitely good to see Mango continuously producing good clothing even with other competitors targeting the same market, working women like myself. But there must be something that sets them apart, for me it may be the discounts but for some of my friends. Due to their petite or unique body shape, Mango designs and cutting suits them way better.

Personally, I fell in love with this top but since I am still looking at the other selection and to make things simple for me....This goes onto my wish list, so dear loved ones, if you do love me this please...

Did you know that if you are new to Zalora website, you can get $10 OFF your first purchase simply by subscribing to their newsletter. That is how I keep myself updated with any new release from Zalora!

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti