Making their wave and stepping into Singapore, RÉGILAIT , the supplier of high quality instant granulated milk powder has been awarded the Healthier Choice and Halal certifications. From procurement at farms to the manufacturing of the final products stage, the French dairy cooperative controls stringently on the entire milk chain production. That is why, RÉGILAIT's farmers adhere to strict rules on governing, breeding, production, animal welfare and its impact on the environment.
Brimming with vitamins and minerals like calcium, milk is regarded as one of the most nutrient-dense foods. It is known to strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis, maintain healthy teeth, reduce high blood pressure, lower risk of diabetes and improve skin's health. 

RÉGILAIT  products are 100% real pure cow's milk with no fillers added, no additives and is really rich in protein. Produced in France with their own farmer's milk offering 100% perfect traceability. With their unique granulation process, the milk products dissolve in water instantaneously. Making it easy to make using both hot water or cold water!

As the picture above shows, there are 4 different types of RÉGILAIT  milk to suit the needs of everyone in the family*

Milk is fat-free and allows calorie intake to help you maintain your weight.

Providing the benefits of calcium and vitamin D, the ideal composition seek to allow easy absorption of calcium into the bones when consumed.

Containing 8 vitamins: A, D3, C, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12 it fits the needs that every working adult, student and sport enthusiasts! If you want good vision, healthy immune system, good cell growth, overall bone health, a healthy dose of Vitamin A, B, C and D3 will be needed. 

A tasty semi-skimmed cow's milk produced on the best French pastureland. The gentle manufacturing process preserves all of the nutritional values of the milk. It contains 14% more calcium and 25% less saturated fat than regular dried milk.

RÉGILAIT milk powder is retailing at S$22 at selected NTUC Fairprice Finest and Cold Storage.

Ztip of the day: Did you know that apart from drinking milk or eating it with cereal, RÉGILAIT milk powder can also be used in cooking curry, scones and even making smoothies? Catch my next post where I will attempt the few recipes with RÉGILAIT milk powder as the ingredient!

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* Regilait milk is suitable for ages 3 and up.

During my trip to Yangon, I stayed around a few places to cover and explore different areas. For the last few days, I booked via AirBnb to stay with one of their hosts which I found via the app. The room cost USD15 (S$21) per night.
Being on a solo trip, I had enough of staying with other people in guesthouses and hostels for the earlier part of my travel so usually for the last lap of the trip I would opt to stay in a private room.
Since I had to go straight to the airport from here, I chose the location to be situated halfway near town as well as the Yangon International Airport (approximately 7-10mins by car).

Pic taken from AirBNB, Yankin House profile
Upon arriving the Yankin House (literally that was the name of the place), I would describe it as a quietly tucked away house in between two roads which is crowded with other low-rise apartments. But I am thankful that the house is also away from the noise of the bustling activities downstairs or the main road. The house is a simple, 2 storey building with 3 bedrooms on the second floor where my room is located. The one rule in the shared room of this place is, it is open to female only (sorry guys). The homeowner is a very helpful lady who is quick to reply to my enquiries whenever I had any. Although check-in was supposedly at 1pm, I did ask if I can leave my bags there or just hang around the place since I was arriving from Bagan at 8am in the morning!

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived in the early morning, they allowed me to check into my room and rest since it was available (I have been to certain places where they do not allow me to check-in even if you are willing to pay extra or the bed is available, I totally do not get that policy).

Staying with the housekeeper who is a loving old lady, she could not converse in english and just one day before arriving, the house owner dropped me a message that they had to go to Japan on a last minute notice!

Well, if at first I was worried by the time I was there, everything was cool. They had the help from someone whom I believe works with them or maybe a neighbour (I don't know) to liaise with me, the couple spoke english and help me to settle in. Right from the bus station which was about 30 minutes away, I called them to get their help so they can inform the taxi driver where I should be going. Once I reached the place most of the things and places inside the house, I kinda figured it out by exploring by myself ;) Communicating with the housekeeper (let me call her Auntie) was another matter, a lot of gestures and hand sign went into play. Wifi, taxi, breakfast, name it, we "talked" about it.

Breakfast was provided on a daily basis. After the first day, Auntie knew that I do not take pork or meat in fact. I spent about 5 minutes asking if the soup have meat or not, because I thought I saw a dark coloured substance inside which kinda look like beef. SO I whipped out my phone, googled a picture of a pig, cow and chicken (just to be safe). And I made a big cross with my arms to show her...Dun Wan THESE...:D. The next few days, I realised my breakfast were all vegetarian and fruits hahahahah. But I love the presentation and the full set of healthy meal which keeps me full till lunchtime while I am out exploring during the hot season. But on the otherside, most of the time I do not wake up early just for the breakfast. I would sleep in or get out early to be on the road, but I must capture at least 1 pic of the breakfast set presentation Auntie made for me.

Here is a crap drawing of the layout of the kitchenette/laundry room

Before we go to my room, let's give them a round of applause on the strong and stable wifi throughout the period I was there. The first pic on top shows the layout of the kitchenette/laundry room (please pardon that crap drawing of mine), and the rest of the pictures are the shown in an anti-clockwise coverage for that area (well, I tried). There was one night when the power tripped (that is common everywhere) but the back-up generator came back up within the new few minutes. On the same floor as the rooms, there was separate kitchenette/laundry room and the bathroom is also here. Let me tell you, one reason I chose this place was because of the bath tub! I planned to have a good soak during the last lap of the trip. Just soak and enjoy~

Since there was not many people living in the house, I was more free to purchase groceries and drinks to place inside the fridge. Getting cold drink is a challenge outside since it gets hot the next minute due to the unforgiving weather.
So I stocked up on red bull, OJ, water and some yogurt even. I even went to the extent to buy instant cup noodles and there are a lot of Halal food in Yangon, I am not even kidding about that. I have made this house home for a few days so I gotta do the necessary.

Inside my room, I had my personal air conditioner, shelves to keep my stuff and there were plenty of place to hang my stuff/clothes. At first, I was a bit sceptical of the mosquito net on my bed. Cause I am like "nah, I am not going to open my window so why would I need that net?". Then while sitting on the floor, i gotten a few bites then I know THAT NET is a NECESSITY!.

During night time, I slept like a baby, the room was cool and cosy with a small night light and no distraction from mozzies!

If you were wondering why I had to sit on the floor, well the room was small and just nice for one person, so in order for me to enjoy my snacks and some food I sat on the floor. Of course I do not want to invite pests by leaving crumbs on my bed. But that was when I got bitten by the mosquitoes. The next time I ate, I went to the living hall where there was aircon and TV as well.

One thing that I took away from my Myanmar trip was that, Burmese were very kind people who keep to their promise. A few occasions I made a promise to a taxi driver or just the owner that I needed something a few days away and I do not have to remind them or worry that it will not happen cause they do. The way they keep the request to heart, makes me feel touched that their service was amazing beyond words. Since this trip was not long enough to cover other parts, I will be making my here again next year if all goes well.

Now, when you are looking to book an accommodation, what are the things that you would consider? Price, location, facilities, amenities, etc? If these are your main "filters" that you work around with, then let me give you S$25 to book for your first accommodation on AIRBNB, click on this link: to register and claim that S$25 credit and make your next travel booking!

PS: if you have not watched my Myanmar vlogs, you can watch them here.

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Singapore being a "green" city, we have parks literally in every corner of the place. Held in conjunction with "Satay Night Live", regardless of whether you are a music enthusiast or not, as long as you do not hate music then this is an event which you must consider going to.

Join in the fun with the second installment of NParks concert series in the Park: Rockestra, this 25 June 2016 at Empress Place.

For the weekend, if you would like to find time with your family and loved ones and to get some fresh air outside then this is a good nostalgic event for everyone as they will be crooning tunes of the Golden Hits of yesteryears performed by Jive Talkin', Sebastian Tan aka Broadway Beng and The Pinholes just to name a few.

What will happen on that day is, activities and shops selling food will be open from 5.30pm onwards and the concert will commence at 6.30pm. Did I mention that admission is free, so be there early to visit the stalls and then grab a good seat for yourself. Then be ready to enjoy plenty of satay!!!

You can also send in your song request in advance by SMS:
<Your Name>_<Song Title>_ <Dedication Message> to <77275> 
anytime from now till 17 June 2016.

If you are wondering how to get there:

By Train & Bus:
City Hall (EW13 / NS25) via Exits B or C
Esplanade (CC3) via Exit D
Raffles Place (EW14 / NS26) via Exit H

Nearest Carparks:
The Parliament, Funan DigitaLife Mall, Esplanade Theatre, The Adelphi, and Raffles City Shopping Centre

Nearest Taxi Stands:
The Fullerton Hotel, Funan DigitaLife Mall, Esplanade Theatre, The Adelphi, and Raffles City Shopping Centre

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Father's Day is around the corner on 19th June 2016, falling on a Sunday it makes a perfect time to plan a family day together to celebrate the Man of the house!

Just as everyday should be Mother's day, Father's day should also be everyday. Respecting and being filial to our parents are the top priorities as a beloved child of theirs. Remember that one day, we may become parents too. Showering our dad with extra love and care on such a day is just one way to create bonding and family chemistry with each other at home. Amidst our busy schedule, this is a day to just remind us that work will never end and will never go away, so appreciate humans/people we love around us cause life is short and no one knows what may happen tomorrow.

Be it your dad has the liking for the finer things in life or a taste for music or is a techie person then LG have the right array of products suited for him! Their slogan "Life's good" is also target to achieve efficient and consumer-centric innovations fit for the whole family.

The products below are LG's personalised products which I would like to recommend as gifts for your dear fathers!
Recommended Retail Price: S$988
LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play
Recommended Retail Price: S$298
LG 360 Cam
Recommended Retail Price: S398
LG Signature OLED TV
Recommended Retail Price: S$12,999

SH8 Sound Bar
Recommended Retail Price: S1,099

LG Styler
Recommended Retail Price: S$2,999
LG Sound360
Recommended Retail Price: S249
No matter what, I'm sure your dad would love to have you and the family together and take this time to appreciate all the love and hard work that he have put into building the family. You can find all the listed LG products at most good electronic stores, like Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Courts, even online platform such as 
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From Rainbow bagels to cotton candy soft soda to smores dip and more. THIS year brings in a lot of unique and new goodies to the Ramadhan Bazaar Geylang Serai. But of course it is important to note that the classic food which we grew up with still exist and selling like HOTcakes (literally).

Going down for a "jalan-jalan cari makan" session in the evening after iftar (break fast) means you must be prepared for the jam and crowded area. Singaporeans being Singaporeans will definitely crowd around the hot favourites, just imagine the queue for the "Overdose" drinks, did not just end at 10 people, it went over~over my limit.

With a fixed budget S$50, I went out to try the different food with the friends at the Bazaar. When there are more people, then we can try all the different varieties of food being sold there!

Call me boring but I prefer to go for my classic food at Ramadhan Bazaar every year. It is just different from normal pasar malam since some of my friends have not tried them before, why go all fancy-pansy when all they wanted was to be introduced to the local bazaar food? Nonetheless, there are some classic food which have been spized up and I totally love all of them!

1. Then Ramly Burger, Now Tandoori Burger or Benjo Burger, Burger Percik

I decided to take one for the team and try the Burger Percik, which is simply Ramly burger patty with either percik or rendang sauce. It was awesome and taste so yummy!

For those of you who is not sure of what percik sauce is like, it actually comes from the classic "Ayam Percik" which is grilled chicken wing and slathered with the special percik sauce, it is savoury, sweet, spicy flavour that is rich with all the goodness!
I found the perfect stall this year with the Best ayam percik ever (located near the exit of Onan road), the chicken was grilled to perfection and slightly burnt which I like and the sauce was oomph la la~
pic from

2. Otah

A must have for my family, everytime I come down to the Bazaar. Piping hot, spicy otah!

3. Deng Deng (halal Bak Kwa)

Not a true fan but it has been around like forever, only reason is that the price is not worth the money. But still a classic nonetheless.

4. Tornado Potato

First trended in Taiwan and Korea, then it came to Singapore and surprisingly it stayed. Love this with the spicy chili powder giving it the additional kick to the fried potato spiral

5. Grilled Squid

Now we talking, how come I never see such big sotong in the market to cook at home but here well here, there are grilled and deep-fried ones. Eat to your satisfaction!

6. Vadai and all fried finger food snacks

Vadai, fried chicken thigh, neck, skin, prawns, crab, liver, gizzards. To me the batter that they use to fry them is all the same but I love all of the different choices, I mean they ARE different!

7. Kebabs

It feels like if there is Ramly burger, there will also be kebabs coupled with Turkish ice-cream. To be honest, I will give Singapore's kebabs 3 out of 5 stars and overseas 4 out of 5 stars. Singapore only lose out cause the size is so much smaller which translates to minimal fillings >_<. But when I ate it overseas they were so generous with everything from the meat to the veg to the sauce, the only thing would be the taste!

8. Nachos!

This seem to be something new that caught my eye but to me all of us have that senorita soul inside all of us...cha cha cha!

9. Kuih Muih (malay goodies) / Malay main course meals

10. Freshly made Popcorn & Candy floss

11. Colourful non-carbonated soft drinks

My only favourite will be the blue coloured drink, normally labelled as blue coral or blueberry but honestly to me it just taste of sweet sugary water. I also love the bottled bright yellow corn drink. This year the colours are all mixed up, honey dew is yellow too, similar to durian and corn! Check the labels properly before buying.

12. Katira drink

This is one drink which I learnt from young and it is sold widely during fasting month which is actually good for you. Strengthened with its cooling and medicinal properties, the drink is supposedly made to drive away the "heat" in the body and counter toxic in the body, making it beneficial to drink during the fasting period. The ingredients are simple like katira, basil seeds, condensed milk, malva nuts but interestingly it is not easily available during other times.

Pic from The Malay Kitchen

13. Thai Iced Tea

This drink of course became popular from Thailand, but then I am thinking that since malays generally like sweet drinks, Thai Iced tea is here to stay! While the night may be hot and you may get sticky perspiring from the outing, you can never say no to a cup of thai iced tea :)

Would you go for the up and current hot trending food during Bazaar Ramadhan or would you patiently wait for it the next year if it survive where people would have already gotten into the next hot bandwagon?

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photos source: Engeliz and Zsiti


If you are up for a challenge, go and try the Korean Spicy Ice-cream! I don't really like it but I don't hate it either BUT I will never want to eat that again XD
Looking harmless right there but the taste...WOOH POWER!