Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A few years ago, I started to see my friends exclaiming that they are having a midlife crisis at the age of 25 and above. Then I kept asking myself, is that really the middle part of our lives. Does life ends at 50 or something? I was not feeling any impact of ageing until I turned 29...

From the age of 19 till 28, I have had everything I ever wanted, a supportive family, a promising career, a group of close knitted friends, a loving coach and mentor, good contacts and network which my job brings me to. Nothing else matters. I had my future paved for me and I was filled with joy to the brim.

I stopped my education after graduating from Singapore Polytechnic as I do not want to pursue any other further studies (partly I didn't like studying and secondly, I always believed that education do not stop after you leave school). I went on to build my experience in work.

In 2013, after I turned 29, a sudden realisation hit me. I knew that I was not doing what I loved and had interest in for the past 10 years. I was more of enjoying the culture and growing up in the environment.  I do not have further education and certificate was definitely lacking in my filing department. But I have skills which have been imbued in me since I started working. I love to talk and I like travelling, I like meeting people and sharing experiences of life with them and I also enjoy motivation. Henceforth this year in 2014, I took a step to dive into new realm and territory.

The fundamental is always important and building the foundation is a basic requirement. If I had continued dwelling in my passion half-heartedly while trying to survive at work, I was simply getting into a rat race of doom. I can imagine myself growing old with nothing at the end of the day because I simply could not focus on things fully.

I resigned from my full time job, took on a role to provide assistance to my brother in his business, did a few online courses which provided me with the relevant credentials and research materials which I need and at the same time, I focus on what I loved doing - Digital Media Marketing/ Social Media. I am also able to maintain this blog, (which I am thankful for your readership and strong support from

This year, when I celebrated my birthday I was really happy with myself and not dreading the part where I grew another year older. I spent the time with friends over a simple staycation and who ever complains about a little party with food and drinks. I was proud and excited for myself with where I am right now. On the new route to do what I love. I appreciate what I had went through in the past because they made me who I am right now. Everybody grows old but not everybody matures, when I understand that I know ageing brings wisdom to some people.

I didn't worry that I do not have loads of money right now or a stable job income but I have a family who is really supportive and we work together to make things happen. I do not have a husband to be worrying about relationship issues and stuff but I have a lot of opportunities in my path to meet new people and network, be genuine and real. Over the years, I have made and maintained some really amazing friendships, young and old. To Be Happy or stressed it is all what I made of it. Since life is really short, why waste it on stuff which would not be beneficial to myself. Appreciate live and life appreciates.

A gift from my lovely brother #NOT

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Keeping the city clean, oh yes that is such a corny yet clear display that I have ever seen before. Was away in JB for a short vacation as you can read in my previous post " Puteri Pacific in JB". Today, I would like to share more about what I did while staying in the hotel. 
It was supposed to be a relaxing, vacation away from home so I decided that we should have a pampering session nite.

I was prepared with my Nivea Visage Facewash, Hada Labo Toner, Biore UV perfect face milk and Dermal Face Mask (gold collagen and Pearl collagen). Nothing beats the cooling and relaxing moment as we pamper ourselves with all the goodness on our face.

How else to end such a wonderful evening is of course a delicious spread of supper with the room dining service #NasiGoreng #PicassoPlatter

Another good practise when staying in an air-conditioned hotel room is to place a glass of water, on your side table so that it will prevent dryness and introduce moisture into the air. I do recall that whenever I missed out doing that, I will have the symptoms of coughing and dry throat the next morning when I wake up.

Have a great night everybody! #Queen #bed


Saturday, August 23, 2014

In the spirit of Hari Raya, I went to Johor Bahru to visit a friend's home. This time around, we tried staying at a new hotel to experience the well-acclaimed breakfast. But noting that we went on a weekday, the breakfast spread was a so-so affair, although we did have a smooth and fast journey as they was no crowd or jam whatsoever.

The place that we stayed this time was Puteri Pacific Hotel, which is about 15mins walk from City Square Shopping Mall near the customs. Our room was spacious and neat with one single bed and a Queen sized bed. 
Puteri Pacific Hotel which was located on higher grounds made it easy for us to spot from far yet we just had to travel upwards to find the entrance of the hotel.

Our room was on the 8th floor and we had the back view of the main road in Johor (JB). Apart from that, there was nothing else fancy for us to see. All the shopping areas were around reach and walking distance.

Puteri Pacific had a playground area as well as a swimming pool which in my honest opinion is not that amazing. However in such a hot season, the pool would be to die for, like seriously. 

We drove up to Taman Yu area to visit our friend's home and went out for dinner, they have this famous Mee Bandung Tulang and otah which was so Awesome! Along the way, we stopped by a street stall which sells small bites such as banana fritters, fried fish crackers, fried vege springrolls and more...

As sinful as it can be, this is a must try sometimes when you pass by them. It is nice to buy them as snacks and eating at home with your family and friends over tea or coffee.

The famous delicious awesome Mee Bandung Tulang
Having dinner and catching up with friends
I am not a real fan of the beef bone or Yellow Mee so I ordered chicken with Bee Hoon, YUM!
Around the hotel at night, when the shopping malls are closed (about 9.30-10.00pm) there is a night market nearby. Malaysia is famed for their night markets and it is open almost everywhere till late. The one nearby Puteri Pacific is called Pasar Karat (literally mean Rusty Market). But I did not find any rusty metal on sale ;P In fact, they had clothes, bags, watches, shoes, food and stuff. The one amazing thing I saw would be the Jambu fruit (guava) which is pink in colour. It tastes so sweet and amazing.
I heard you can't find it in Singapore except Malaysia and here at Pasar Karat there were selling like hotcakes.
The sweet, big pink guava

Probably it was a weekday so there was not much crowd but the stores are all open

The entrance with the name "Pasar Karat" imprinted.
In the morning, the three nearby shopping malls are Galleria, Kotaraya baru and City Square Mall in that order. All three have a different standard of shops inside. Mainly all I can say is that City Square which is right beside the Customs is more modern, cleaner, prettier and holds more branded stores within. Seeing that I have been there a couple of times, I am going to share with you more on Galleria, which was supposed to be a newly open recently.

We had lunch at Kenny Rogers and walked around to take a look at the shops which mainly sells perfume, clothes, scarfs, etc. The main focus of this place however would be food cause just the first floor is decked with cafe and restaurants in every corner. Holding common names like KFC, Roti Boy, Kenny Rogers, Secret Recipe, Subway to name a few.
I love Kenny Rogers' Mac n Cheese
Hubba hubba, if u see it then you will ;)
Fell in love with this boy ever since the first time we met
Malaysia is just a short distance from Singapore, I like to make regular trips into Malaysia for a short getaway and try out the different hotel and their services. 
Another point which I want to share about is Puteri Pacific's breakfast buffet. They had a wide variety of food which range from nasi lemak to kway teow goreng and also the western breakfast. But on a whole, I would give it a rate of 3.5 out of 5 stars. The other famed restaurant which I did not get to try is the Authentic Chinese Restaurant which is Halal. I will definitely come back to try out their menu here again in future.

Malaysia Boleh!

Come back again and join the chefs!
Why it would be worth a trip to come back again is because we also tried their room service in-dining and this is a must usually when we travel. To try out each hotel's Nasi Goreng. The food that we had was simple yet it was fantastic. That is also an indicator to me that I should come back and try their food again the next time around. 
Nasi Goreng Kampung and Picasson Platter!

Till we meet again!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Every morning to work was torture for Fem (not her real name), every meeting that she sits in and listen as they discuss "big" goals seem like a piece of dream...or maybe nightmare. Her superiors, seemingly people who were supposed to run an organisation just do not seem to be able to function as a unified body for the people except for themselves.
pics as illustration
"Why is this like that? Why were you not informing me? Why do you need to take such measures?" Fem found the micromanaging part really terrible. It's talking about the minimal level of faith and empowerment in the staff to be able to do their work well but she felt constrained by the up close and personal tabs which her superior want to place on her.
This micromanaging effect was brought from the meeting to the office to everywhere else in existence. Whenever anyone brought up an idea, without any strong justification, it will be slammed down with courtesy and moved on just like that. It further jammed the creativity of an individual to an all time low.
Some days, Fem just asked herself "can I still do this?" but she had the passion to help the organisation and she knows where it can be helped. With that, Fem stayed on to persist with the challenges.
In US, a survey was done in a company of about 450 staff where nearly 60% said they had worked for a micromanaging Boss before in their career. Over 55% of those mentioned that it decreased their productivity and 68% said it dampened their morale.

To me, those statistics do not seem man-made or fake. Even I have my fair share of working with people who likes to micromanage and I do have to agree that there are some people who needs them. Those type of people cannot work on their own or without supervision and having a micromanaging superior would definitely be beneficial for them.

So for the rest of us, what do we do when we are tied down with a micromanaging superior? Here are possible ways which can make the situation better...or not.

1) Have a talk with the superior and get to understand, what do they expect from you.
Communication within a team is really important and it takes two to have a misunderstanding and create a bigger whirlpool. It is also important to know what do they expect from you and have all these communicated out so as to prevent assumption from either party.

2) Ask for the sense of direction which they are planning to head to. Empathise and Understand.
When sharing the responsibility or challenges that they are facing, it may be a feat. Planning strategic plans for the organisation takes a lot of wisdom and trials. So as much as we can not understand all the technical stuff, if knowing what they are going through will be able to allow ourselves to empathise and understand their situation. Its always important to do the right thing to the right people at the right place in the right time.

3) Be proactive.
Now we know what our superior wants and expect, thus we can always be onward looking and be prepared before hand. To me, it is basic knowledge to communicate whatever work that was tasked to me. So when I was given a task, at every stage which I was at, I emailed everyone whether or not they were involved to update them. Unless they stopped me (which they did not).

4) Move on.
When we have tried our best and as you know bad habits die hard. People may not be keen to change. Communications have been meted out, being proactive was key and empathising starts to put you at a lower place, Fem gave up. She just did her work as she was supposed to and started to move on. Sometimes a little change will do everybody some good.


Monday, August 18, 2014

We had a whole load of fun last Saturday at the Padang! NTU Fest had a concert in the evening and they had a few Mediacorp Artiste along with current Project Superstars contestants AND also Kang Gary and Jung In.

Now woah woah they, zsiti aint a fan of running man or Gary or Jung In. For obvious reasons, the concert was free and I have a friend who is like a die-hard fan of Gary. So I am just accompanying her for the free concert. I have heard their songs before the concert day and well let's just say if you like then you do, if not then shut up. 

At least during the concert, the songs were likeable enough for you to move your body to the beat and have some fun just jumping around. But the moment we left the place, the music simply drained from my memory. Guess its not meant for me then, but I still had a lot of fun and thankfully for such cooling weather in the evening, that was simply a bonus plus.

The NTU Fest however was not simply a concert in the evening, they started earlier from afternoon with carnivals full of games and food stalls under the tent. Subsequently, they had a run in the late afternoon about 4pm. The purpose of this event was to raise funds for the needy ITE Students.

There was a significant number of people who showed up from all walks of life showing their support for the event. Bringing Kang Gary and Jung In was definitely a super plus point to their advantage.

The main entrance to the NTU Fest tent
Carnival ticket booths is where you convert your cash to tickets ;)

Queue, queues, lines everywhere....

Food, drinks, clothes, games, you name it, they had it...

This was the stage set for the evening concert at Padang

The Fan of Kang Gary

I'm happy when there are free stuff....hahaha #cheapskate #singaporean #donatetocharity

Some sample of Information boards on display
 There was also information boards being put up on display to showcase the work portfolio of the students doing volunteer work or helping the society in any way they can. It was a good set-up along with the layout of the carnival tent as this was really smack in the middle of the huge tent. With the colourful display and vivid, clear images that they put up, it really attracts you to go and read it.
more Information boards available
Slogan "by Students for Students"

The winning slogan which got me "by students for students". Aiming to help raise funds for ITE needy students, the group of NTU students set out to hold this carnival and bring in the funds.

Meanwhile, do check out my latest video on "tips for travelling" you will definitely thank me after that and stay tuned to my next trip post coming up soon, while I will be on the road next week! Onwards Malaysia..


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gifts, we have all the different occasions to celebrate and buy gifts for people we care. All the more, it gets more challenging as we celebrate birthdays after birthdays, travel souvenirs, holiday festivities and what not.

So how to give the most perfect present for your loved ones?

Monday, August 11, 2014

On sunday after Singapore's birthday, I made a short trip to Suntec City for the Alive Museum which has the hype from all the kids to parents to teenagers alike. I was curious myself as to what would I be able to find inside. So armed with a pair of complimentary tickets (thanks to OMY), I set out on a short adventure (let's go get it!).

The entrance gives off a strong suggestion that its like a kid's playground but the moment when I entered-BAM the first item on display was far from that...

A sexy picture of a voluptuous woman graced the entrance as she welcomes all the guests. You have to be ready with your camera as soon as you step inside as every display is art-worthy picture taking material. I wished that I could put up all my pictures here for fun, however that may bore you from the fun that I had. :). These however are a few of my favourites...
 Me not wanting to go home, so need a kick to the face to wake up

It's good to recognise talent when young...or old....or wait...old babies? 
Alfred forgotten to feed Batman and now he is HUNGRY!!!

Going back to the Hans and Manchurian time to fight some battle for chicken rice

I was so busy that I had to close up the zoo in my polar bear suit

It was definitely a one in a million chance for her to be "tall"

Someone tilt the frame and the penguins are falling...HELP~

I needed a ride and only Dumbo's cousin were free...

Oh my goodness, naughty naughty you...

Oh, Stop it you! #Lick

Former Table Tennis Player having a go at a game, hope your skill ain't rusty yet ;)

My friend is a true talent, she can now show her KPOP dance teacher her splitting "skill"
Having Superman send you home...

By the end of the day, we were so tired out from the pictures taking and posing that you would be happy to have Superman send you back home... This is what I would call posing to another level.
On the whole, Alive Museum Singapore was a fantastic experience for me and you can enjoy with your whole family-young and old. Come on down and have a look at the 81 pieces of amazing artwork on display. 

They are located at:
3 Temasek Boulevard #03-372, Suntec City Mall (between Towers 3 & 4), Singapore 038983
Get the tickets right now from the counter going at:
Adults $25, Child (aged 3-12) $20, Family Package $60 (2 adults, 1 child, $10 for each additional child)
Their opening hours are: 10 am – 10 pm daily (last admission at 9 pm)
Now, if you are like me a total Singaporean and love discounts and promotion, click on this link now as they have a great 20% off ticket prices just for you: 

Remember to key in the promotion code! You are welcome :)