Friday, October 24, 2014

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My favourite have always been to take recipes and improvise them to make it easy, simple and delicious for me to follow. There are a lot of food which I love to see online from different cultures but due to my religion I am not able to eat those sold in the shops. Reason being, they contained restricted meat or content such as alcohol. So I am always ready to pick up a recipe and whipped it up into real life.

Recently, I was inspired to chalk up a menu of hors d'oeuvre and salad for my last party which I organised for a group of ladies. 

In this post, I would like to share my take and recipe of the pasta salad- zsiti edition, Here We Go~

I have two versions of the pasta salad here:

1) Chicken Olive Oil Salad

2) Tuna Mayo Salad


Pasta (preferred would be the shells like cavatelli or spiral like fusilli)
Chicken meat
Can of tuna in water or oil
Romaine Lettuce or Iceberg Lettuce
Cherry Tomatoes
White Button Mushroom
Mixed Herbs
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Balsamic sauce
Olive (optional)
Almonds or pine nuts (optional) 

The first recipe which I am going to do will be the chicken olive oil salad. It is simple and quick to do. Firstly, I boiled certain ingredients like the pasta, chicken meat and mushroom and set them aside to cool.

Then sliced up the cherry tomatoes into halves and thinly sliced the mushrooms. The lettuce would be sliced up into strips of about one inch.

In a big mixing bowl, place the tomatoes, lettuce, mushroom, olives and shred the chicken meat into the bowl.

Drizzle in 2 tbs of olive oil or based on your taste preference, I also poured in 1 tbsp of balsamic sauce and a pinch of mixed herbs. Stir to mix them. Chill the salad in the fridge, before serving sprinkle on some parmesan cheese and almonds for that added crunch.

The second recipe which is the Tuna Mayo Salad, place in a big mixing bowl, the lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, and tuna flakes along with 2tbs of mayonnaise. Stir them well and store in the fridge before serving.

Resting the salad in the fridge would allow it to soak up the sauce and enhance the flavour making it a scrumptious sides to your meal.

I served the salad as one of my main dish during the party and thankfully it was well received. It is also one dish which can be whipped up in a short time during those lazy weekend which you want to spend less time in the kitchen.

Try them out and tell me how it went for you. Let your creativity comes in and you can add in any ingredients that you would like!


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

In this post, I would like to take a daring move to attempt a pure green smoothie. In other words, mainly vege only but...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Hold on tight everybody, the road is gonna get a little bit bumpy and slippery. YES, it is time for another post from zsiti co. 

We are entering the last and final quarter of 2014 soon and then it is going to be a brand new year, 2015! I always welcome every quarter with excitement and anticipation. I also make all the preparations for each quarter such as holidays, new photo albums, new projects to look forward to and I also look forward to the last quarter especially because of the weather.

It is fortunate and unfortunate at the same time for us in Singapore as we do not have the standard four seasons unlike others. But I am thankful that we are in a place where it is also not that extreme: drought or flood. Basically, we are always hot (see the pun and play on words there) so 365 days we have warm or hot weather. Nearing the end of the year, then we will start to have a cooler and probably wet season. 

As you all know I personally love travelling, different countries do have different seasons and that means I have to cater to them. Be it the clothing, the temperature and even the shoes. But while I have those collection of thicker clothing, there is rarely much chance for me to wear them in Singapore during normal hotter period. So when the rainy season and such sweater weather season is here...I got the feels ...heheheheh the real. 

I get to take out my collection of jackets, sweater and blazers. Well, hold on before you go on and judge me with all your comments, it is not like Singapore rainy season is going to be THAT cold but it does allow me to put on that extra jacket and stuff and well a girl can dream...(for that bit of cool air right?)

For the sake of convenience and style in Singapore, I rarely wear out my sweater collection but I prefer to wear out my blazers. From solid colours to prints,  I will simply dress down casually then throw on a classy blazer and BAM! that will up the style!

Here are my favourite blazers which I chose to wear depending on my mood. 

Classic white
Lady Cream Blazer
Safari blazer
Earthly Tone Long Blazer
Army Blazer
 photo komedi_1411444596854_438_zpsb3b75ba0.gif
How I do my shopping in front of a mirror
Whenever I go shopping, during different season I will pick up the few pieces and design which I like and play mix 'n' match with them. However, sometimes I also like to go online to a few fashion platform to browse through the wide variety of blazers online for women.

So how do you dress classily in Singapore?


Monday, September 22, 2014

As I blog about home remedies for facial care, detoxification and meals preparation, I am not stating that I do not eat out, I do not go for facial or other therapeutic sessions (like massage etc) but I simply manage to lessen that as I do my part to maintain on my own budget.

After trying the baking soda cleanser/mask, I gotten great result from it that I continued to search further on clearing dark spots. As a general background, I do not have much pimple/acne issue except for the occasional pop-ups and that I have an oily T-zone plus my in-depth skin analysis have shown that I was lacking in renewed collagen under the skin layer.
pic from
One day, I had a pimple on my chin which was huge but it was not exposed (you know how painful and irritating those kind could be), I cleaned my face using the baking soda method at night and the next morning the bump went down immediately. After one more day with the cleansing (morning and night), the pimple went away smoothly. By now, I had a better control of pimple condition on my face.

The next thing I looked for was a home remedy to clear dark spots. Even though I am dark-skinned, I have freckles on my cheek and near my eyes area. Dark spots can be caused by a few reasons like pimples/acne, aging, UV rays or serious cases could be due to certain skin diseases.

I will not be touching on the serious skin disease cases as you are highly encourage to visit your dermatologist to get proper advise for your skin condition. Dark spots which are due to pimples/acne scar (hyperpigmentation) is when there is trauma to the skin or due to excessive exposure to the sun. These can be helped or even prevented.

One remedy which I tried was using potato and another process using milk.

1) I have distinctly five spots on my face which was darkened due to pimple which I squeezed previously....(I know..naughty fingers I have). All I had to do was slice a potato and leave it to cover the dark spots for around 8-10 minutes. The starch in the potato will act as a natural "bleach" on the dark spots. I did this for about 1 week before I saw improvement in the tone of the spots.

2) I took a cotton swab and dab milk on the dark spots (different area which I used the potatoes) and leave it for about a couple of minutes as well. This remedy is supposed to take a while about 1 month before I see any result and I had to do it twice a day for efficacy.

After using the above remedy, wash your face with lukewarm water.

There are other ways which I found such as using lemon, honey, oat, sandalwood, buttermilk or tomatoes but I chose these two options to give it a go first. Our skin is naturally healthy at a ph level between 5-7. The slight acidity (below pH5) will keep our skin in a better condition than a higher pH which may lead to dry skin.

As always, as a disclaimer: I start conservatively on smaller patch of skin before I commit to a longer trial period. That means we are all responsible for our own skin and we need to take ownership of our own belongings. Do your part to take care of your skin before jumping into any processes at all.

As a free advise for all, do remember to put on sunblock, wear a cap/hat and also apply aloe vera or Vitamin E lotion if you have to be out in the sun for long.

Till we meet again.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

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Don't you ever feel like some people just step on your toes intentionally and wants to infuriate you or simply put, "wanna test your patience"?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cheating, why do people cheat? and what's the difference when it comes to lying? I took to Google dictionary and this is what I got.

gerund or present participle: cheating
  1. 1.
    act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.

  2. 2.
    avoid (something undesirable) by luck or skill.


  1. not telling the truth.

  2. I garnered that when people cheat, they are just trying to avoid something and get something out of it at the same time. People use it commonly on relationships as one party (or maybe both sides) tried to two-time their partner. *cue* JayZ & Beyonce cheating problem. 

While lying could be when the child who broke the glass insisted that they did not. But inevitably, if the child's purpose was to avoid getting beaten, then wouldn't that be considered cheating as well. That is just my opinion by the way.

In my perspective, both behaviours simply means not living the truth. Is this because our environment have made it so difficult to tell the truth because we do not want to face the consequences or deal with it. I am sure that we were not raised to lie or cheat but along the way as we observed how our seniors behave, subconsciously we adopt that element into us.

I am also guilty of it of course, I am not here to point out people's mistakes and overlook my own. One good example which I was guilty of in the past was bringing my youngest brother to Malaysia. We all know how dangerous our neighbour could be and that we had to be extra vigilant and stuff but well I sometimes took the risk and brought ourselves to JB. On that occasion, I will never tell my dad that instead I will just say we are going shopping. I mean that is the truth, we are going Malaysia. Thankfully nothing ever happened (assuming the fact that I went more than once ....:P). The thing is it was much easier to just say we are going out rather than explain where and how and why.

Stepping away from this story, I want to share about how I felt when I did lie regardless of whether I was discovered or not. It worries me all the time when I am living in such a life, if something were to happen then i would be guild-stricken forever. If I was discovered yet nothing bad happen, I took a shortcut to draw another story on top of the previous one. That got me into a further slush of waste down the pipeline (get into more deep shit ah).

From a simple lie, it evolves into plan to cheat my way out of any punishment. Ahhh that is the emotional warfare that we have engaged into. Basically, I am seeing that from a liar, it can propel one into a cheating game. This seems so complex yet it was avoidable at first.

So how to avoid all that? I have a 3 steps plan which works really well...for me.
1- Always have a good reputation and credibility. No matter what, it is important to always have and maintain the trust of people around us. Your words are your bond and your action explains your character.
2- Just tell the truth, cause it won't hurt anybody. If step 1 have been locked in place, you will have that level of faith by others that you will know how to live your life without others telling you to.
3- Just do it; stop thinking too much and procrastinate your life. When you want something, go and get it. When everyone can see and know what you are doing, and you get so busy with your plans and execution. Nobody aint got time to settle for small talks and questioning you.

This post was not inspired because of any other events of being cheated or stuff. It occurred to me whether at home, in school or in our workplace that all of us are guilty of such things in one way or another. We lie and we cheat and we can't deny that, can we? It is an emotional affair and it is here there everywhere.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ahhh, so those on the korean wave and kpop and k drama and everything also K...well I am not so far away from that too. I do watch korean dramas, I listen to korean pops and I love korean related stuff but I am not a fanatic. The most challenging thing is that when I watched korean drama/movies, I get drawn to the food that they eat.

As always, I take pride in spinning my take on a dish. In this post, I share with you my take on Eomukguk 어묵국 (Korean Fish Cake Soup).