Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Thanks to The Influencer Network, I received an invite to Mitju Launch of their Tick Tack Shoes!
Mitju being a fashion savvy brand in Singapore has outshine again with this new footwear which brings Mitju to stand out as a brand that is fun, creative, chic and trend-setting. 
I am also happy to bring home a pair of Tick Tack Shoes along with 2 different accessories which can fit my OOTD on different days! With all the colours and different materials available, I was spoilt for choices, but in the end after thinking and planning through (heheheh) I came up with the suede watermelon (YUM). 
As for the accessories, what better way to accentuate my style other than using gold (Glamor Babe~ *cue in laughter* MWAHAHAHA!)

If you want to see the extension of the choices that I had to make before deciding with these two pieces...
Mitju @ Ion
The MC for the event is non other than Silver Ang

Everybody was busy tick tacking (remember my coined word)

The Food Reception was well received

Everyone was busy, admiring the colourful array of Tick Tack Shoes and busy tick tacking (if that is not a word I will coined it to describe the action of clipping the accessories to the shoes to see if it match). With such an enthusiastic crowd even for a private event, the staff of Mitju were friendly and helpful as ever as they recommend the design, the colours and even the materials of the shoes. They put on their bright and wide smile as they attended to each and every enquiries that comes along their way (THANK YOU!) making the whole process a fast, quick and happy one.

The Influencer Network, the body that worked with Mitju to organise this Private event had made everything so wonderful right down to the food and drinks reception which was awesome and very heartful. I guess everybody went home happy and glad (from all the shopping and goodies!)

Now, you can be happy too. Just head down to Mitju @ Ion / @Plaza Singapura  to take a look at the wonderous display of Tick Tack Shoes and bring home a pair or two! Remember, "NO RULES, ANYTHING GOES"



One of my getup and #OOTD, go hip or go home~

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Last Sunday, I went with Linko to Substation for a special gig organised by a group of students from Republic Polytechnic. It was called Design For The Nation or DFTN in short.
Basically, I went to show support for one of the group performing- Dominic & Friends whom we know each other from the Singapore Youtubers Community. Held on a sunday evening, it was definitely a great evening to end the busy week and a great start to a wonderful week on the following day. 
The different groups who performed that evening were all awesome, the genres spread across rock, to ballad to alternative and to soothing music which blew our minds away. That brings me to the point to remind all of us to continue giving our love and support to SG Local Talents #SupportLocalTalents.
We do keep our eyes peeled for overseas artiste- Kpop, Jpop, american artistes, etc but if we can learn to look within and appreciate the people around us....There are a bunch of talented peeps here too.
Just after one event, I gotten to know 4 bands (and 1 solo singer) whom you can find their name and they have their Facebook Page as well...
You can follow DFTN Facebook Page here, there will be posting of any other future events or gigs venue and I hope to see you all there too!
Victoria Street
The Wanderus 
Hell Low

Dominic & Friends

Definitely we aint no performers, here just as supporters & WoWers


Monday, July 21, 2014

We see a lot of green smoothies or green juice recipe online. Everyone exclaimed how good green smoothies are and how important it is for us to have the greens in our daily diet. But do you really know what are green smoothies good for?

Friday, July 18, 2014

What is the most easiest thing to make for breakfast?
Well cereal and oats aside of course. Yes, Pancakes! Something kids and big kids and adults love and enjoy!

Here is my take and recipe on pancakes:

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So World Cup 2014 have come and gone just like that. Obviously, I do not follow the world cup but it follow me. Reason being, its everywhere and all around me. The atmosphere, the sound, the feel is all about world cup in this period. 
I am not a football fan and even if I know some teams, I will call myself a superficial fan (like the kind that goes ga-ga over some cute hote bod of...okay what were we talking about again?).

When Portugal was out, well that made me more disinterested than ever, especially when that means I wont be able to see Ronaldo in the games anyway. But the last few games especially Brasil was playing, I pinned high hopes on them just because of Neymar (oh lord, I can't take this an Neymar #pun, hahahhaha). 

It was a big hoo-haah when he gotten "attacked" during the game and gotten injured really bad that he was not able to play for the rest of the World Cup. Then I watched their last game with Germany to see how they will fare...Oh Gosh, they were thrashed till beyond redemption. I mean for a moment there, I thought that some goals, I may have been able to block it (I'm joking). So here I am, more disappointed and saddened than ever but life still goes on.

Eh but seriously, Brasil have won like 5 times and come on if you are playing in the country of the host, tsk give chance leh.....OMG I cannot take that it anymore. I believed the mechanism of soccer is not just in the players capability. The bigger players are the ones in the room with big screens and "moving" the players with papers aka money. That's a life lesson, when you want to play games, make sure you are the bigger ones. Otherwise you will have to succumb to the pressure of others.

After all that I have written, I just wanted to say that I am being one sore loser and sad supporter cause Brazil lose and yeah I am not being a sport at all. But Oh well, look here is my right to support whoever I want.

Well, now I can't wait for the next two World Cup in 2018 and 2022 to be held in Russia and Qatar accordingly. Countries with history as tainted as the stories you hear, much excitement awaits XOXO.
This was training with me and neymar and the boys XD



PS: Congratulations to Germany on their win of the World Cup 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

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To take a step into the wild, open space full of adventure, one would simply need a good your feet.

As an avid traveller, I am always on the move every month to look for new things to discover, new places to see and new path to take. When I make it a point to travel every month, I clocked my mileage with the shoes I bring.

On every trip, I will be focused on sight-seeing or shopping and these two activities require me to be on foot most of the time. Even if I were to drive, some places would still require me to walk quite a fair bit. That is why I place a lot of emphasis on the shoes I wear.

Furthermore, as my trips are mainly backpacking that means I cannot bring my whole shoe closet to match my clothes or the occasion. Which brings me to another point, the shoes that I bring must be able to match half of the clothes I bring and to all the places that I will be at: functions, classy dinners, casual walks or trekking.

Being bestowed with a fairly large pair of feet, does not deter me from getting comfortable shoes for myself. I have shoes customised to my feet and also customised for different events. The difference I feel between shoes that I buy off the shelves compared to those that I custom made from my shoe-maker is a whole world apart. The comfort makes me able to walk much longer, and most importantly do not have any repercussions at the end of the day (back in the hotel room with salon pas all over my poor little feet).

One brand which I like to check out their shoes collections would be Mitju because of their wide range of heels, flats and sandals which I adore! 
Good shoes make for good companion and it has to be fit for the Queen :) A life of luxury is when you can traipse around happily.

Travelling has been a part of me and I have quit my 9-5 job to set out to do what I love and document my experiences. To be able to travel far and wide and consistently, the passion must be kept warm and comfortable. A good pair of shoes need not cost a bomb neither must it be dull or monotonous.

how to make a gif at
Shoes are my best friend
Stay tuned to MITJU new range of customizable shoes which will be available in store from 25/07/2014. Check out https: // for more updates and events.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We are now in the midst of our neverending summer period in Singapore. Everything is also hot, everywhere also feel hot and still got GSS some more...wah hot ahhh.

But life still goes on, work still carries on just like the sun will come out in the morning and rest at night. The one thing I dread most is the trapped heat inside the body which can lead to more unfavourable condition such as falling sick or having a prolonged headache. Uhhh heat kills me...