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Black Friday sales and deals this November …. One of the most awaited event every year. While most of us in Asia (Singapore included) may not celebrate or actually have the event at our stores here (I just can’t imagine such crowd happening in stores, noooo) we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy spectacular discounts on online US stores right from the comfort of our own home.
What I want to share is to further make your online shopping experience as cool as mine…hehehe. Simply by a means of enjoying cash rebates, I mean we already enjoy discounts and whoooping low prices but no harm in getting cash rebates still right?

Some of you may not know of the features of Shopback SG, I am a strong believer of cash rebates, I mean anything that gives me money back for shopping I love! So far I have been using it mainly on online shopping for clothes, food and of course my favourite travelling partner, Agoda.com

When I first clocked in the amount of rebates via Agoda.com, I was skeptical since it took so long to be able to cash out however it was due to the fact that I have not utilised the hotel booking. So it actually prevents fake booking and wrong payouts. I was also lucky in the past one year to qualify for the bonus payouts and they really paid it into my account!

I am amazed beyond redemption right now.

It was simple to create an account.

Firstly, I registered with my facebook account (for simplicity sake, or you can create using just an email) and then when I want to get the cashback, I will click the shopping link (be it Agoda, food panda, zalora, etc) through the shopback website and then I Shop as per normal.

Give it 2-3 days, before logging into shopback again and you will see the projected amount, which will be paid into your Shopback account.

I linked my bank account so that when I withdraw the cash, it will be deposited into my account. They also allow payments into Paypal if you would prefer that.
I feel the checking stage is really important because I have seen missing cash coupons not being rebated into my account or simply it was rejected, all I have to do was to report that transaction, immediately I gotten an email notification that they are looking into my case and most of the times, they would firstly credit the amount into my account while investigation goes on. So far 5 out of 5 times, I would get the payout, the rejection could be a drop in links between the vendors and shopback site but it’s not a big issue.
Are you then ready for Black Friday, 27thNovember? Just for you, newcomers to Shopback., click on this link here and you will get $5 into your account immediately. Then continue shopping lah! (oh pardon that singlish “lah” please).

Hope everybody enjoys the festivities and happy shopping!

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Good and perfect eyesight is something which I wished that I have. Coupled with a a lot of gadgets which we are so easily accessible to (handphones, laptop, computers, ipad, etc), my precious eyes are seemingly tortured everytime. As much as I like to wear contacts on a daily basis, I can feel my eyes getting more tired day after day. So in recent 1-2 years, I try to reduce the times I am depending on contacts, even when I am travelling I prefer a pair of glasses.
A few of my friends have done lasiks and they shared with me their joys of the newfound vision but being the typical fearful me, it has not moved me to make that appointment even until now. I still find joy in matching my glasses to my OOTD or OOTN ( Outfit of the day/Outfit of the Night). Call me old-fashion but I still have that word “fashion” tagged to it J

My recent trip to Hong Kong, was accompanied by the Hannah Cat Eyes

Chill, Cool attitude. What do you want?

On flight ready for take off

I recently received my new prescription glasses which I ordered from GlassesShop. I was browsing through the different frames that they have and at such an amazing price! I am so into the cat-eyes design recently and with my broad face, a slightly elongated and wide lens suit me perfectly.
The listings allow me to shop by shape of the lens, such as square, round or cat eye, I favourited a few to decide later on. In the end, I chose a Hannah Cat Eye in black frame and I obtain my prescription from my optician (which is just located at my block here as well).  Did I mention that the lens have an anti-scratch coating as well?
If any of you were wondering, how do I decide whether the design fits me to a tee, well let me tell you a secret. I actually don't! Firstly, I believe that I can carry most designs well (oh my, that level of confidence is arrogant there) or you can choose to believe that the product info is detailed enough for me to gauge the design/measurement and fitting for my facial feature.

Talk about convenience and being lazy, I must say it is a pair matched in heaven…hehehe

Sweet, young, old thing 
Now, what was the question? The light is upon me but I haz no answers~
There is an option for prescription lens or even just the frame. As mentioned earlier on, I took the single vision lens for my daily use. These come free with my frame. When I have added on the item to my cart, PayPal or credit card generally accepted payment mode.  Shipping is free for orders over $49, otherwise standard shipping cost is $4.95ß-still a fabulous deal of cheap glasses!
Delivery worldwide takes about 7-20 working days, I received my item generally in 3 weeks time but I was not in any hurry for it. I just checked in regularly to track my orders and see that it is still there being processed and still in transit. Finally after receiving the first pair, I am so in love with it and I am wearing it consistently everyday. I take care of the lens so that it can last long without scratches and it simply matches most of my get-ups!
Customary Toilet Mirror Selfie
For a casual night or an official work day, my glasses accessorize my whole look. Now, I am considering getting the sunglasses, having prescription or tinted lens seem like a favourable option for me. Wearing galsses more often than not, I need better protection for my eyes from the sun and UV rays.

Home Sweet Home~ Singapore!
Here comes the exciting part for my dear readers, you can use my special coupon code: GSHOT50 and get 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded). CLICK here today to view all the designs!

*disclaimer please note that the prices are all in US currency so with the discount coupon of 50%, it will be a worthwhile purchase. Share this deal with your friends so they do not miss out on such a great deal.

Remember to tag me in your pictures in Instagram or Facebook and share with me which are your favourite frames!

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For the art lovers, here is one exhibition that you can’t miss. Once again it is held in Ode to Art, you can get to see works of internationally acclaimed sculptor and painter, Wu Qiong.

He is back after a year’s preparation with his collection Here and Now (在这里), which is also a milestone presentation for the artist who is celebrating his transition to sculpting. Putting up the latest masterpieces that are recently created, his purpose is to allow the audience to have open-ended interpretations and portray powerful emotions and feelings.

Looking at the exhibits on display, one will notice the distinctive trades of the characters, having their eyes closed and mouths agape with upturned faces and eyes shut tight. Wu’s distinctive cartoon style is obvious and it fits into the aesthetics of a generation absorbed with graphic novels, comics, digital worlds, animation and gaming. Thus with the recurring use of this facial expression, Wu hopes to tap upon this notion to allow viewers to draw our own associations with the different scenarios presented in his works.

As Wu states, he wishes to engage in a dialogue with his viewers through his works. That could happen through the scenarios that he introduced to provoke the thoughts or trigger memories and experiences. He hopes to resonates with the viewers the richness of his works filled with common emotions and considerations of society even if the situation and contexts which he presented them in, do not.

With such goal statement that he had purpose his masterpieces to have, I took the moment to appreciate each of his artwork. A maestro of oil painting, Wu has been experimenting with the medium of sculpture and casting in bronze. These are all featured in Here and Now. The unique point of the sculptures will be the fact that they are created directly from his paintings. It gives a continuous flow of the entire collection as a whole.


He is also featuring 2 works of his student, Eleanor Lee (Quan Yi Feng's daughter). As he continues to learn and seek for perfection in art and exploring new style, he is also proud to showcase the works of his student which involves a collaboration of the two artists. It amazes me how the two distinctive artistic style became fitted into one wholesome masterpiece.

The exhibition was launched on 8th November 2015 with the media and artistes who graced the event and it will run all the way till 21st November 2015.

I would like to extend this invitation to all of my readers to the exhibition, and appreciate the works that have been put up on display. For those who are asking if the works can be purchased, they are available as well however as to what I know most or some of the artworks have already been sold or booked. Though it will not harm if you can ask the curators when you are there. Wu’s painting have been acquired by the Beijing Poly International Auction, the biggest auction house in China.

Here and Now by Wu Qiong Exhibition Details
Date: 8 November – 21 November 2015
Time: 11am – 9pm (Sunday to Thursday); 12pm – 10am (Friday & Saturday)
Venue: Ode To Art Raffles City Gallery
252 North Bridge Road, #01- 36E/F Raffles City Shopping Center, Singapore 179103
Ticket details: Free admission

Call 6250 1901 or email info@odetoart.com for further enquiries.

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In my scape for natural and organic facial and beauty care, I do my best to read up and learn from experts about beauty and skincare. I am currently a fan of korean facial products :) due to the way they market their products as well as how koreans mostly emphasize a lot on good skin.
However, in this post I am going to share about one of the recent brand, SkinFood Singapore which has been around for quite a while but I have not purchased any skin care products from them really. It could have been a casual face mask or lip scrub but nothing fancy that I can remember.

With that in mind, I gotten 3 things to try out: A facial mask, serum and a loose powder. Each item plays a different role in both my morning as well as night routine.
For the face mask, I gotten the Rice Mask which is a wash off mask. I must say firstly that the smell of the mask is so good. Rice on its own is full benefits, but the skin(or rather the bran) is known to be good for a lot more purpose. It is known as a healthy oil in Japan where they use it for some health purpose like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, improving liver functions, etc and it can also be applied directly to the skin to treat eczema.

The best option is to be able to obtain real rice bran right? But if we are not able to then alternatives are to get these natural ingredients in a packed manner like what Skinfood is doing. I have been using the rice mask for about a good one month, about once a week. The good thing about this wash off mask, the texture makes it suitable as an exfoliator however unlike other exfoliator which may contain some rough beads inside the product, this rice mask is much more gentle on my skin.
I see my skin lightening after every session of exfoliation and washing, but mostly I feel my skin smiling from within as it gets fed with healthy food.

As for the black sugar perfect first serum, let's move on after saying how delicious the smell is. I guess for serum it is too short a period of one month for me to see any difference or improvement because firstly my skin is not that bad to begin with aside from occasional pimples popping out. Furthermore, I have been on a regular facial routine so my skin is contained. As long as I do not see any break outs after 1 few tries or one week, I will deem it as suitable for my skin.

The other item I am raving about right now is the buckwheat loose powder (transparent). Okay so it seem like this purchase I was going for the "rice concept" but honestly I am a big fan of rice "cos we Asian" XD So I just had to. Anyway, buckwheat is something that is known to have amazing benefits on skin, hair and health. Personally I have a buckwheat filled pillow for my sleep which helps me to have a better quality of sleep every night. Of course in terms of health, it aids in weight loss, cardiovascular health as well as diabetic friendly. As for skincare, buckwheat is rich in minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and manganese. It also have a strong content of antioxidants which can prevent premature-ageing. To sum it all up, it creates a glowing and youthful looking skin. The same as the rice mask, the buckwheat loose powder smells fantastic and I am so in love with it everyday. Not only does it mattify and hold my foundation/cc cream but it makes my face so much easier to handle make-ups!

You can get skinfood products from the retail store or like what I did, I buy them online from preferred stores like zalora for instance. It is the best option for me so far who loves internet shopping!

I am looking to try their other products which I have seen people talking about it currently like the black sugar scrub and the argan oil hair mask/essence. Are you using skinfood products too, what should I get next? Share with me below and do remember to follow me on my social media:
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Few days ago, I was invited to the media launch of the latest comprehensive range of LPG® Endermologie® Cosmétiques in Singapore. It is the newest and full array of facial and body care solutions, where the event was officiated by Mr Nelson Philippe who is one of the members of the Board of Directors. He is also the grandson of Louis Paul Guitay, the inventor of LPG® Endermologie®. Before the whole event begins, everybody was there awaiting to be briefed and start off. Here are some pictures of the venue which is at Ngee Ann City, I have listed the full address as well as the contact number at the end of this post.

LPG® is the leading company in the beauty industry from France who are here to showcase their flagship solutions: Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum, LPG® 10% Peeling Procedure and LPG® Gynoid Lipomassage.

LPG® Face Endermologie® Cosmétiques is developed specifically to stimulate the natural cellular activity of anti-ageing functions: Collagen Synthesis and hyaluronic acid. The new line of skincare products is also tailored to each individual needs according to three main ageing types - sagging, hollowing and thickening.

LPG® Body Endermologie® Cosmétiques helps stimulate the natural cellular activity of slimming  and anti-ageing functions; treating the three main expectations of a perfect body- cellulite, volume loss and anti-ageing (for firmer and smoother skin)

Meeting with the professionals who gave their expertise insight on the procedure and treatments, gives the assurance that they are only bringing the best into the market for end users. Just a bit more information about LPG®, they are currently present in more than 110 countries and LPG® is the world leader in cellular stimulation with the LPG® patent on the Cellu M6 exclusives and 100% natural slimming and anti-ageing technology.

Globally there are over 50 LPG® Endermospa centres offering non-aggressive and non-invasive ultra-customised programmes for those seeking a slender body and radiant face. These expert centres are equipped with the latest Cellu M6® innovations coupled with professionally trained personnel and specialists.

Being in Singapore, Mary Chia Holdings is behind the first LPG® Endermospa treatment and facility. It is assured that every treatment is developed and designed by the best and master specialists. The dedicated team of LPG® therapists performing these exclusive treatments undergoes proper training ensuring absolute product knowledge and skill for every treatment solution.

After the presentation of the whole new range of LPG® Endermologie® Cosmétiques, we were shown a preview of the facial treatment done by the therapist, the outlet located at Ngee Ann City holds two of the treatment room for slimming as well as one treatment room for the facial.

On the day of the launch, I was given a whole bottle of the Intense Hydrating Smoothing Serum, which comprises 7% high-molecular weight hyaluronic acid complex. When applied, it is supposed to boost the moisturising process and creates and instant smoothing effect. It will also plumps the skin and evens out fine lines and wrinkles. All the goodness in one bottle which I so much desire!

The serum is also paraben-free (Say No to Breast Cancer), non-scented which boasts a fluid texture for maximum comfort. As part of my skincare regime, I added this serum to my night care routine. Since I perspire a fair bit in our Singapore weather, I minimise facial products when I am outside accept for sunblock which is a must!
Using the serum hydrates my skin and when it is repairing and healing itself every night, I know I am feeding my skin with the best ingredients that it need. Being non-scented is also good for me as some of my products have natural ingredients which gives off a pleasant smell and I would not like to mix different smell on my face. 

I am planning for a trip down for the LPG® 10% Peeling Procedure so as to experience the whole process myself and emerge with a youthful, healthy-looking skin. If you would like to find out more and try out the treatment yourself, you can make an appointment or get more information just by calling 6734 6626. 
For now, I am excited for my trip down for the treatment process, stay tuned to my next blog post coming soon!
Here is a picture with everyone who were present for the launch included Mr Nelson as well as Ms Mary Chia herself!

LPG® Endermospa Singapore is located at 391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, Tower B #05-22A
Singapore 238872.

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday 11am to 9pm, Sunday 11am to 8pm

If you have been to one of their wonderful treatments and have any exciting experience to share, you can leave a comment below and also do remember to follow me on my social media:
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