Recently, I organised a staycation with my friends to take a break from work and just relax together. We got a suite apartment at Park Rochester Hotel and planned for a simple home-cooked meal together.

We did our grocery shopping at a nearby Cold Storage and proceed to prepare our meal at "home".
 The menu was just a simple 7 dishes which we just popped them together:

Angel Hair Aglio Olio
Mac & Cheese
Stir Fried Mushrooms
Pan Fried Salmon
Egg Mayo with Lettuce wrap
Nacho Salad
Fruit Salad

We did our best to make do with the two hob stove that was provided.

Preparation is always key, we had team Prepare, team Cook and team Wash. The idea is everybody playing the part and get together. Of Course, enjoyment is key.

First few dishes laid on the table is the angel hair aglio olio, mac & cheese pasta as well as the stir-fry mushrooms.

A must for all party table, Eggs!!! Made specially with love into a bowl of devilish egg mayo, served with the side of iceberg lettuce. Eaten like the korean veg wrap, uniquely wonderful!

The main highlight should be the pan fried salmon with butter garlic sauce. Made to perfection, with medium well done. Unlike people who like their food well done, there some item like beef and fish which I like them medium well done, so that I can still taste the original taste of the poultry or fish and it is still soft and smooth. I have always had bad experience with well done food. The fish were either too dry or it becomes too tough. If you have any recommendation of nice poultry or fish to try, do share them with me on my comments box below or on twitter: @ zsiti.

One of my two salads will be this special arrangement of Nacho Salad. Simply layer lettuce, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, nachos (my favourite brand is Tostitos <3), top off with some shredded cheddar cheese and a flavouful serving of thousand island sauce. After tossing them together, it's ready to be enjoyed!

This is the final arrangement of the 7 dishes together, as for the fruit salad, the choices of fruits are up to your personal preference. What we had here was a mix of sour and sweet fruits all cut up and arranged in the bowl. For our bowl, we mixed grapes, strawberries, tangerine, kiwi and banana. Fusing sweet and sour together.

We definitely had a lot of fun as we spent time enjoying the room facilities, taking pictures in the apartment and enjoying the simple home cooked meal that all of us made together.

How do you spend time with your friends when you gather together to chill and relax? Share with me your thoughts below or on my social media, twitter: @ zsiti and Instagram: @ zsiti_

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.
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Material items are just belongings and these are just commodities. They can be. Brand new and they can have a deadline.

It comes and it goes, just like that.

Similarly Life, family friends and people. We live, we die and this cycle goes on.

But with this similarities, there are differences too.

The difference comes when we place the value unto them. Each individual becomes unique and special. Some are more important while some are not. Giving the gift of yesterday, today and tmr means different things to everybody.

So I place the value of my yesterday my today and my tmr into these treasures which reminds me of my friends and I hope they can see it too.

Thank you my friends for being my yesterday, my today and my tomorrow

May All our goals and wishes come true  as we work/walk towards them.

zsiti (zee-see-tee)

Sleep, when will it be enough? When we have 7 hours of sleep, we still get tired the moment we wake up. When we have limited sleep of 2-3 hours, we will also complain of being tired and having lack of sleep. Does that mean, we are just problematic beings who can never be satisfied with such simple pleasure of sleeping? Have we evolved so much so that we get complacent over basic human need?
"Sleep is for the weak?", " We can sleep all we want when we die?", "Sleep? What is that?"
Have you heard all these phrases or was it just me sprouting nonsense, haha! As I grow older, I thought that my body needed more sleep but in fact I get to sleep a little while and then I can be disrupted easily. The worse problem is the disruption of my sleeping pattern. Let us not discuss into the fact that environment change plays an important part as well. Since the weather in Singapore gets hotter, my body gets tired easily and makes one drowsy in the afternoon. In the evening on the other hand, my body temperature is lowered to a comfortable level that it gets so fresh and energetic after shower and stuff. I will be refreshed in mind and body to do all other things except sleep.

Talk about meditation and self calming method, that is a weekly affair that I have to make a date with myself as I age since I notice that if my mind cannot control itself, I should take charge.
I am thankful still that I can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere so travelling will never impose a problem on me as I have no problem falling asleep in a foreign place. Meditation in fact simply helps me to calm myself and get into deep REM sleep. I spend a good 15 minutes on instructional meditation which I play on my phone before I doze off or it relaxes me before I take a silent night. 
As cliche as it is, I log on to or via the app in my iOS to have a couple of minutes of letting go.

 photo komedi_1439488211739_41_zpsjeakediy.gif

That few moments spent are amazing and you should definitely try it as well if you have the time. Remember, sleep does no one else good but you. Claim your great sleep today!

Follow me on twitter:@ zsiti and Instagram:@ zsiti_ to see what I will be to.

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.
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We have officially crossed the middle mark of 2015. Without missing a beat, 2 weeks of August drifted past just like that. 

Which also means that my #31 mark will arrive real soon and thereafter I am going to be another year older. Though it may not mean any more wiser, I am happy to say I am one more year happier! 
I am thankful that I am still alive, well and life is going on as it is around me so far.

But now, I am feeling something is still not yet fully achieved and I can't seem to put a finger on what is missing yet I know it is.
As much as I ponder and think about it, I am still trying to discover what is that missing gap? It feels like I have questions unanswered and this time around it seems like I can't create a story to fulfil myself like I always do. 
Hope that the answer comes to me soon. Share with me, how do you guys reflect and self deprecate on your life? Meditation? Reading? Travelling?

You can find me on twitter: @ zsiti and Instagram: @ zsiti_

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.
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As we head towards Singapore's Golden Jubilee #SG50 this sunday on 9th August, everybody have been getting into the feel of the country's celebration. It is like how we look forward to our parents or grandparents upcoming birthday. To enjoy the good 50 years that she have lived and grown and provided for us.

The one difference of course, unlike an ordinary human being we have an expired timeline and till death do us apart, we can enjoy each other's company while we are alive. 
As we soak in the air of festive season and celebration, let us not forget to also appreciate all that goodness she have given to us. This is Home, Singapore

On 9th August 2015, no matter where we will be, at home or at the ND Parade let us recite together with pride
The Singapore Pledge

We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve, happiness, prosperity and
progress for our nation.

Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.
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