Singapore launched the first Japanese Onsen and spa in Singapore this week and I was excited to get the chance to be there first hand to see it. Now, we may no longer need to travel overseas just to get the warm experience of an onsen (hot spring bath), since it is available right at our doorstep.

Here is how to achieve special healing and rejuvenation right in Singapore

1. Marriage of the top two best therapies and treatments: Japanese onsen and Thai Spa.
"Yunomori" which stands for "hot water in the forest" is renowned for its unique relaxation and rejuvenation experience. Bringing in the best renowned thai spa treatments coupled with the harnessing of the natural healing properties of mineral water, these aquatic therapies are relaxing and can cater to the health needs of everyone from athletes to elderly folks.

2. Customised baths for each specific health needs.
Yunomori Onsen boasts a total of 11 pools with six variations of baths and other facilities such as sauna, steam bath, massage and spa treatment rooms. The various forms of onsen pools include hot and cold baths, jacuzzi, silk baths, Soda spa, bubble bath, jet bath and more.

3.  Make this a unique family and lifestyle destination the next time you are planning for a family outing.
So that everyone can enjoy the authentic onsen experience together and take a short break from the hustle and bustle of life.

4.  Great for working adults and office-goers, the opening hours for Yunomori onsen is from 10am to 11pm. 
But we hear that the management are in the talks to plan to extend operating hours till after midnight later on. Rejoice my OT friends! People who love their work and always strive for overtime in office, you can still come for a good bath even if you end work late in future (Let us all pray for good news soon)

5. Authentic experience with numerous health benefits. 
As I was walking along the hallway towards the bath area, I noticed the interior design of Yunomori to be rich with elements of wood and natural materials, to help recreate a sense of nature found in forests. As for the numerous health benefits, when you start soaking in the baths, the mineral water can increase blood oxygen levels, improve circulation, reduce high blood pressure and also detoxify the blood.

6. Having your items safely locked and guarded in the lockers provided, after registration at the reception, a token (RFID tag) will be issued to you.
This will be useful when you need to access your locker, make payment for purchases of food and drinks inside the establishment. Everything operates on a cashless mode inside the place so drop everything that you have inside the locker and walk around with a peace of mind (let go of any baggage or worries outside too).

7. As everyone will be dressed to the occasion, which means in traditional Japanese Yukata be transported to another world as you step into Yunomori Onsen.
Everyone will be totally relaxed and chilled as if you are in a holiday resort. If you are wondering how to put on the yukata properly, the staff who issue you the various designs yukata for you to choose from will guide you on how to wear them. At the same time, inside each locker there is a pictorial instructions which you can refer to as well (so much thought going in there).

8. For a minimum charge of $38+, you can get access to a whole day of onsen bathing and you can try out the different variation of baths mentioned earlier on. 
Children & Seniors will also be able to enjoy a special rate of S$28+ to enter Yunomori Onsen. You can add-on massage and spa treatments from the Spa Menu available.

9. Spend the whole day there to rejuvenate, relax and yet still be connected.
Inside Yunomori, there is the onsen baths, spa treatment rooms, chill-out lounge area, an eating area serving scrumptious Japanese cuisine. Which means, by paying the minimal fee for the onsen bath, then you can hang out at the place to relax and unwind without being far from home. If you are hungry, head to the restaurant (which is also inside the establishment) where they serve exquisite dishes which you will definitely enjoy!

10. Made for Singaporeans who are the shy lot.
Like most of you, I am also shy to go into the full birthday suit style inside a public Japanese onsen. Of course to enjoy the full benefit of the mineral water and steam it is highly encouraged for us to go in butt naked but since it is new to most of us Singaporeans then they have kindly provided the option of disposable undergarments which you can wear into the onsen area to soak and enjoy yourself without any worry ;)

Here is an essential photo gallery of how the place looks like from the inside, of course during normal course of business no mobile devices are allowed inside (both for privacy issue as well as safety of your phone).

Photo Gallery by

To make a booking or to find your way to Yunomori Onsen & Spa, here is the address:

Yunomori Onsen & Spa Kallang Wave Mall
#02-17/18 1 Stadium Place
Singapore 397628
(Take escalator near the exit of Fairprice, Carpark B Area 3/4)
Contact number: 6386 4126/6385 7985
Opening hours: 10.00am - 11.00pm Daily

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Always be on the move, from flight to train to bike to taxi!

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Like most of us staying in Singapore or in asian countries our weather is mainly hot and humid, which translates to us having either combination or oily skin. With that being said, as we maintain a beauty regime to apply multiple facial products on our skin, we may suffer a drawback of sensitivity or skin irritation if the products are not cleansed properly everyday.

That is why, I look for a gentle cleanser which I can use everyday and it will not dry out the natural oil from my skin.

Let's talk about Biore Marshmellow Whip Deep Clean facial wash!

I am excited to try out the marshmellow facial wash for the first time. With just one pump, it automatically dispense foam which contains deep cleansing ingredients that thoroughly removes the oily secretion without drying my skin. The ultra fine instant foam also cleanses better and gently, it has been formulated with the newly improved skin purifying technology that retains moisture and skin suppleness. After every wash, my skin feels refreshed and smooth (and great-smelling too).

Even when I am travelling, the ease of bringing along Biore Marshmellow Deep Clean facial wash is super satisfying. All I have to do is pump 1-2 times onto my palm and massage onto my wet face. With a few rub and massage, then I will rinse thoroughly with water. Voila! My skin is now clean and shine-free. With oily skin, I will be faced with skin problems such as enlarged pores, black heads and acne. This continuously gives me a headache as I am left wondering what went wrong with all my skincare products, until I realised that the problem lies at the bottom. If I do not use a gentle cleanser on my face, washing my face everyday will strip the natural oil and in fact it will create more oil production.

Where to get it?

Bioré Marshmellow Deep Clean facial wash is priced at S$13.90 and it can be found at all pharmacies, hyper & supermarket, beauty stores, departmental stores and selected minimarts. If you would like to get more reviews on the amazing benefit of the Bioré Marshmellow Deep Clean facial wash, you can click here

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By NoemiJay
Guest writing original post 

In a recent MU launch event held by Mary Chia Holdings Limited at Marina Bay Sands that I haveattended, I had an eye opening experience gaining more knowledge on skin care and a chance tomeet the lady who starred as a motherly role in some famous Taiwanese dramas such as 夜市人生 and 风水世家 that we have seen on television. She is none other than Chen Mei Feng (陈美凤).
Together with Chen Mei Feng, we have the MU brand ambassadors, artist Li Nan Xing and Constance Song too!
Taiwanese legendary artiste, Chen Mei Feng 陈美凤
MediaCorp artiste, Li Nan Xing, MU brand ambassador with Mdm Mary Chia, founder of Mary Chia Holdings Limited.
MediaCorp artiste, Constance Song, MU brand ambassador with Mdm Mary Chia
Despite having motherly roles in dramas, Chen Mei Feng in her 50s, maintained a good figure and apretty face that makes us feel like we have to work doubly hard to be like her when wereach that age. Sharing the same philosophy as Mdm Mary Chia, which is “There are no uglywomen but only lazy women”. I have to agree on this philosophy too as we have to put in effort to maintain a good face and good figure. 

 During the launch, she shared with us on her beauty tips and one of which includes using Mary Chia’s MU V.TIVATE, a mist spray that gives you a face lift feel and an instant hydrating boost effect upon using. This was highly recommended by Li Nan Xing when he was at Taiwan working on a drama. As we all know, being actors and actresses, the most important component is to maintain good health, a clean and clear face and a good figure. One advantage on the MU V.TIVATE is that it gives the instant effect within 10 minutes and it not only boost its anti-aging properties, it also helps to lift, hydrate, regenerate and defend against components that attack our skin.
Mary Chia’s MU V.TIVATE

MU Press conference
Toggle interview at MU Press conference
MU Team
The interaction was interesting such that the artistes talk about their morning routine on how theystart their day. For instance, on days when Constance encountered puffy eyes due to consumption of water at night, she would have a cup of smoothie or water with lemon and MU D®Tox PRObiotics to counter. As for Li Nan Xing, he would take a hot shower so that he would sweat all the water out to encounter puffiness on his eyes and/or body. 
On the other hand, Chen Mei Feng mentioned that we may lose more water when we are sleeping. In this case, it is also advisable that we consume some water before sleep and a cup of lukewarm water after we wake up.
Mary Chia’s MU D®Tox PRObiotics
Upon seeing the live trials by the artiste, it aroused my interest on trying out this product. I am aperson who worked long hours in a stressful work environment and I basically have no time totake care of my skin. By the time I reached home, my energy is depleted and I head to bed after Iwash up. I guess with the MU V.TIVATE, it will help to hydrate my skin against the long hours in airconditioned areas and boost my looks so that I do not look tired at the end of the day. Let’s give it atry and review the results instantly. Look at how Li Nan Xing is enjoying his mist spray here.

Li Nan Xing enjoying his MU V.TIVATE mist spray
Constance Song, Brand Ambassador of MU
Apart from MU V.TIVATE, Chen Mei Feng also uses MU MIEUX, a collagen beauty drink introduced by Mary Chia Holdings. It is formulated with BHN (Marine) collagen, enriched with ceramide, apple extract and Co-Q10 which acts as a powerful antioxidant to help fight against free radicals in the body. Not only her, both Li Nan Xing and Constance Song have been consuming this product and have gotten good feedbacks on the improved condition of their skin condition after consumption. They expressed that there were one thousand apples in the collagen drink. To our surprise, the product even went out of stock in view of the increase in demand. I have been trying out a few brands of collagen for a period of time and these collagens come in either powder or bottle forms. I managed to grab a pack of the MU MIEUX to try out and the results were pretty commendable. My skin feels much more hydrated after a few bottles and it is worth the try though.

Mary Chia’s MU MIEUX
Li Nan Xing, Brand Ambassador of MU

During the MU event, Chen Mei Feng launched a limited edition of the MU V.TIVATE (V提美) liftingmist spray that was specially designed by Mdm Mary Chia to Chen Mei Feng for her visit toSingapore. Do note that there are only 800 units of the limited edition MU V.TIVATE mist spray(worth S$388 each) and for every limited edition MU V.TIVATE mist spray purchased at the event,there will be a complimentary 90 minute Hinoki Cypress Face sculpting treatment (worth S$235),that was newly launched recently. Treatments can e done at all Mary Chia and Urban HommeStudios. Imagine it just takes you 90 minutes to flush off toxins from your face, neck and décolleté. Italso reduces water retention and promote a contoured V-shaped face too! This treatment seemsjust right for me as I hardly get to pamper myself with such relaxing treats due to my busy schedule.I am going to make my appointment for this treatment! Have you got yours already?
Limited edition of the MU V.TIVATE (V提美) lifting mist spray specially designed by Mary Chia
Mdm Mary Chia presenting the limited ed. MU V.TIVATE (V提美) lifting mist spray to Chen Mei Feng
This is not the end yet. Some perks from attending the event where each attendee was given agoodie bag that contains trial packs of the MU V.TIVATE mist spray, MU MIEUX collagen drink as well as the MU D®Tox PRObiotics. I am feeling lucky and thankful to be able to try out the products. 

Goodie bag from MU launch event
Last but not least, I would recommend you to try them out too as it may also suit you in the long run.I understand that we have our own personal preference but still, I do hope that you would spare some time to check them out and experience it in near future. 

For more information, you may refer to the following links. &

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed reading.

Till then, be happy, strong and healthy for a MU-tiful life onwards.


Our whole life seem to revolve around work. Work is a generic term which does not bound us to our desk in the office or reporting to that person called the boss. Living is part and parcel of working as well. As a student we work hard to get good results, as a child, work hard to learn to grow up and crawl, walk and then run. When we get into the working society, we work in exchange for that commodity called money.

So what is the difference between work at the age of 5, versus, 15 and then 25?

At each different phase of our lives, we are required to work but the returns that we get in exchange differs accordingly and the responsibility that we have following that also varies. When I was much younger and working hard for my results, it was for my future and my family to be proud of me. When I grew older and had bigger responsibilities, I started to work to ensure that the roof above our head stays solid.

The initial passion we have starts to leak out, when we do not look beyond the work that we are doing cause we are all caught in the race to run for the money. Some of us who thought we were in it for the passion gets drowned by the overwhelming pressure coming from all angles (higher costing, rising standard of living, inflation- whatever name or form it takes, we all knew the inevitable. If the work does not pay well, we cannot stay committed).

But then again, before you think that you are working your arse off with no returns, think again do you give appreciation to every little thing which comes your way. Every thing happens for a reason, be thankful.

Till we meet again.

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